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Flat Sandals Favorite For Fashion Psychics

Updated on October 8, 2010
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandal
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandal

Did you know that there are people tasked with the job of being fashion psychics? They're called 'buyers', and it's their job to work out what will be 'in' in future seasons. At the moment the fashion psychics are predicting that next spring, flats will be back. Indeed, it could be more than just flats that are in, it could be flat sandals. The goat entrails have spoken. (And when I say 'goat entrails', I am of course referring to the many fashion shows that walked during the many fashion weeks that recently occurred simultaneously across the globe.)

This would probably be a good point to direct you towards my previous effort on the subject of roman sandals, the ultimate flat sandal that is entirely perfect for spring and summer wearing. When sandals come into fashion, roman sandals are often at the forefront of the trend because they're comfortable, stylish, and there's something imperial about them that's just impossible to ignore.

The guardian UK article on the subject elucidates the reason why this is such good news for women by quoting the fashion director at Matches fashion boutique, Bridget Cosgrave, "Clients have been desperate for them. They have really responded to the lower heel already."

You know why clients have really been responding to the lower heel? Because, in spite of what fashion and ideals of spiky feminine beauty dictate, a great deal of women don't really enjoy feeling under dressed if they're not tottering about in high heels every day. It's fine with me if you want to wear high heels every minute of your life - but the idea that a woman can't be feminine if she hasn't got her best heels on is incredibly anti-women. Heels aren't good for you. They destroy your posture, wreck your ankles, and inflict torture on your calves. We know that heels aren't good for you - so thank god that more and more fashion friendly alternatives are emerging from the mix on the catwalk and on the fashion floor (where us normal people who have to wear shoes for more than 50 yards at a time.)

This theme is explored more in the article on Kitten Heels vs High Heels, where yet another alternative to the high heel is explored. But for now, we're focusing on sandals, which will be allowing your feet to breathe and your spirits to soar next spring. So even when the winter bites and has you shoving your feet into fuzzy boots and dreaming of warmer climes, dream of strappy sandals, carefree days on the beach and balmy nights.


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