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Get Alexa Chung's Style: How to Dress Like Alexa Chung

Updated on October 3, 2016

Mini Bio

We all love British Alexa Chung's stylish but quirky look, get to know her a bit!

Name: Alexa Chung

Birthplace: Privett, Hampshire; England

Measurements: 5'8", blue eyes, brown hair, size 2

Occupation: Model, Television Host, Socialite

Nationality: English, Chinese

Ms. Chung has modeled for Tampax, Cosmo Girl, Sunsilk, Fanta and more. She has starred in famous music videos but quit modeling to do television presenting. She has returned to modeling, working with DKNY, Pepe Jeans, and Vogue.

She prefers dating musicians, (has dated at least four known musicians!) and has reached "It girl" status by appearing on many international best-dressed lists!

Get Alexa's Style!

Alexa's style is very effortless, yet still looks extremely well put-together. She is a brilliant stylist in mixing and matching colors, shapes and patterns. It's not difficult to get her look, once you put all the style elements together!

#1 Must Have Alexa Piece: Cardigans

To say that Alexa Chung likes cardigans would be a gross understatement. It's rare to see any look by Alexa not have one! She has a multitude of cardigan looks featuring yellow cardigans, mini cardigans, uber-long cardigans, patterned cardigans and so on.

So, invest in a variety of cardigans!

#2 Must-Have Look: Slouch

What makes this tomboy's style so fun, is how casual and loose-fitting most of her tops are. She likes unique and comfy t-shirts and tanks and mix-matched shapes.

For example, she would pair a cropped tee with a super long but thin cardigan! She is a genius neutral dresser, as I rarely see her in hot pink, neon or bright colors. Her skin tone matches to matte colors she likes to wear.

Try out your own slouch cardigan, short tee look! And remember, if you shirt has wild patterns, keep your cardigan neutral and vice versa!

Love Alexa's Cardigan? Get Yours for 16.50!

Available in pink, grey, black and purple!
Available in pink, grey, black and purple! | Source

Alexa Look 3: Do Some Lunges!

Alexa loves to show off her long, endless legs! Prep yours by applying a firming and tanning lotion daily! (Try Jergens Firming Lotion) She sports them in short shorts, frayed jean shorts, cotton skirts and lovely minis!

Alexa Chung Gets Leggy!

Alexa's Evening Style

Alexa goes uber-classy when it comes to her evening look. She's sporting the ultimate LBD with a little flair of course! What's not to love? I absolutely adore how her style changes show a clear contrast from day to night.

Get Alexa's look by wearing your most flattering LBD (showing off the legs!), with an eye-popping clutch and some killer heels!

$30.80 | Source

Look #4: Invest in a Luxe Bag!

Alexa may mix low and emerging designers into her look, but her bags are class all the way. She loves unique looking pieces and likes to carry clutches, cross-body bags and totes! Her bags are the one place she loves color and varying textures. Although Chung doesn't wear that much vintage, a lot of her accessories and jewelry pieces are vintage!

Look out for bags with an interesting twist like, a quilted pattern, zipper, quirky accent or a bold color!


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