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How to Wear Cross Body Bags

Updated on March 30, 2015

Mini Is Back

After a very long run of the popularity of the ginormo-bag, small bags are back! Clutches and cross-body bags are back and hotter than ever! Although we all love our glitzy clutch bags, it's difficult to carry around our stuff without any straps! If clutches are for evening, then the cross-body bag is for the day, every day!

As a super petite woman, I'm somewhat relieved that huge bags are out. I never adapted the trend as it completely dwarfed me; the bags were larger than my head?! I love how sporty and casual the cross body bag looks.

Cross body bags generally come with a long strap that you wear across your body to one side. (Like a messenger bag, only smaller!) I love how this style of bag can come in so many varieties, each differing in shape, structure, material, size, style, color and more!

$250 | Source

Chain Gang

One of the very first cross body bags I chose to invest in, is one with a prominent chain. I feel, the smaller the bag, the more decoration and "foof" you can get away with! I love that I can wear the most ostentatious of cross body bags, which doesn't offend because the bag is quite small.

Another reason to splurge on a Cross Body Bag (CBB)? You know you're making a safe investment. With the bag slung onto my body, I NEVER ever misplace or leave my bag unattended. I am the MOST careless person you've ever known and I've never lost a cross-body bag. I've probably lost at least 7 different clutch bags!

$158 | Source

Ruffle Me All Night Long

Can't live without the feminine look? There's no need to take the cross body bag off your list assuming it is too masculine. Because the way the bag is worn is slightly "manly", there's nothing better than ruffles to "girlify" a bag!

If you're not a fan of ruffles, you can go with something just as fabulous such as one with a bow, florals or even a brighter and lighter color.

Celebs LOVE Cross-Body Bags Too!

Leighton Meester is a HUGE fan!
Leighton Meester is a HUGE fan! | Source
Ted Baker, $343
Ted Baker, $343 | Source


I am absolutely in love with very well designed structured bags that have steel hardware. I'm no geometry nerd but there's something so alluring about a bag that has extremely sharp angles and lines! And the bold, cold hardware piece on top?, you can't get any sexier than that!

For true fashionistas, a structured body bag with a great hardware piece is a MUST for your wardrobe!

Get Your Cross Body Bag!

$89 | Source


I love anything exotic. Feathers, zippers, studs, glitter, you name it! Sequins are certainly no exception! Bring an element of exotic into your cross body bag for evenings or for going out! Because the cross body bag can look casual, it's best to dress em up to the nines for going out or formal events!

There's nothing better than a cross body bag for the club because you don't have to worry about losing your ID or credit cards! Best of all, you can bring your camera along without having to carry around a bag!

K-fash Saddle Bag $18
K-fash Saddle Bag $18 | Source

Budget Babe

As great of an investment a cross body bag can be, let's remember we are still in a country-wide budget bind! So, it isn't a bad idea to consider an under $20 budget bag! Try ebay, Amazon or outlet stores.

Our choice? A faux-leather fringe cross body bag (right). At only $18 bucks a pop, there's no guilt! Best of all, it has both an element of special and casual to work for most occasions!


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