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Get Sarah Jessica Parker's Style

Updated on December 3, 2011

So you love Sarah Jessica Parker's style! Who doesn't? The reason Sarah Jessica Parker is such a style icon is because she is the ultimate trendsetter. She isn't afraid of being the center of attention and is always willing to try out new styles. I love her individualism and despite harsh criticism from fashion stylists and fashion bloggers, she chooses to wear what she loves.

The reason I can truly respect SJP for her style is because she evolves her style constantly. She is never stagnant. One day she's wearing a sleek shift dress and the next, she looks like she came straight out of Alice in Wonderland!


SJP Loves the Dramatics

Sarah Jessica Parker's style is all about the drama of an outfit. She always chooses at least one fabric or pattern or embellishment that stands out. It's not difficult to do, if you have no problem standing out in a crowd. Try a bold neon top, or patterned tights or a gigantic flower! SJP does it, why can't you?

Watch SJP in Sex and the City


SJP at Fashion's Night Out

This outfit (to the right) just proves what a fashionista SJP really is. A lot of fashionable celebs were out that night sporting the Fashion Night's Out t-shirt; However in typical Sarah Jessica Parker style, she completely re-invented the t-shirt and outfit. She made the t-shirt asymmetrical and put it over an evening dress and pulled the look together with a belt! How brilliant is that?

Of course a Sarah Jessica Parker Fashion must-have are tower-high heels! We are talking about the woman who made Manolo Blahniks a household name! It is something I can relate to, standing at a mere 5'2"!


SJP is All About the Accessories!

Sarah Jessica Parker LOVES her accessories. Whether it is a gorgeous python clutch or a fabulous hair accessory, SJP indulges in the extras. No matter what she wears, the fit is always perfect and the colors as well as the textures are always rich. She never looks faded out, and no matter the price tag, she always looks "expensive".


Sarah Jessica Parker's Clothing Line!

Sarah Jessica Parker created her own clothing line "Bitten", an affordable line with every day wear items. I was initially shocked that she didn't decide to do a high fashion label, in lieu of her Carrie Bradshaw personality, but was pleasantly surprised. Most of her Bitten items are priced under $20! Bitten was being sold exclusively at Steve and Barry stores, but since their financial troubles, she is shopping around at department stores.

(Notice how Sarah Jessica Parker wears her heels even with her low-key outfits!)


Read Sex and the City!


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    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 6 years ago from California

      Thanks, I love SJP so I knew I had to do it right!

    • kittythedreamer profile image

      Nicole Canfield 6 years ago from the Ether

      Voted up and awesome! Love this hub...great tips and wonderful pics of SJP.