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Geox Footwear

Updated on December 13, 2011

The manufacturers of Geox footwear proclaim their shoes breathe. Since their debut, these shoes have quickly become among the most popular children’s footwear in the world. The products are stylish, fun, comfortable and waterproof.

What Are Geox Shoes?

Geox shoes are the products of the Geox group of Italy. The name comes from the combination of the word “Geo”, meaning earth, and the letter “X” indicating technology. Geox footwear combines innovative technology with an Italian sense of fashion to create casual, formal, sports and golf shoes. This footwear brand breathes. The shoes are also waterproof.

Geox first appeared in the marketplace in 1995. This was the year the company released their waterproof and breathing rubber shoes. In 2001, they introduced waterproof leather shoes. The year 2008 saw the arrival of their line of sports shoes and, in 2009, Geox revealed their new golf shoe collection. All shoes breathe and are water repellant.

What Do Geox Shoes Do?

The purpose of Geox Shoes is to provide its wearers with a comfortable, stylish and dry experience. The shoes are designed with Geox technology to keep the feet dry. At the same time, technology allows the feet to breathe. This is true for all Geox footwear. Whether the shoes are casual, classic, sports or fashion statements, they all sport these characteristics.

Geox shoes are fashionable. The line of fashion shoes and casual footwear are created with an eye to design and flare. Children shoes are about comfort and fun. The ability of them to be waterproof adds to the attractiveness of the product.

How Do Geox Shoes Work?

The ability of Geox shoes to deliver breathing and dry shoes at the same time is the result of the special Geox membrane (Geo NET system). The placement of the membrane in the insole of the shoe allows the shoe to breathe while it remains dry. This is significant considering rubber soles and shoes do not breathe. Geox pricks holes into the shoes then covers the insole with the micro-porous membrane. As a result, the shoe breathes and remains dry. No matter what the weather, the feet remain warm and dry letting excess heat and humidity escape while keeping the feet dry.

Leather breathes but does not stand firm in wet weather. The inserting of the membrane creates leather shoes that remain dry. This same technology is a consistent technological inclusion in all the types of shoes in the various collections, including the new gold shoes.

Who Wears Geox Shoes?

Geox Shoes are very popular among the young set. Sports athlete, Ray Allen, buys Geox shoes for his children. Other celebrities who have children sporting Geox footwear include Cindy Crawford, Russell Crowe, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Paul McCartney and Angelina Jolie. Gerard Butler has been seen wearing a pair of Geox shoes.


One of the more noticeable things about Geox footwear is the style. Whether the shoes are formal leather for men or Nappa boots for women, there is a grace about them. Children shoes and boots are colorful in their design.

The sizes vary, as do the styles. There are different models of Geox Shoes for men, women and children. All shoes are breathable and waterproof. Below are the major types currently available.

Geox Kids Shoes

Geox kids shoes
Geox kids shoes

Geox Children’s Collection

The children’s collection is comprised of shoes and boots. The Movie model is waxed, textile shoes or Geobuck and patent shoe. Both types are breathable and waterproof. Snake is a suede sport shoe. Jocker, also a sport shoe, is peralized Geobuck. There are also the smooth suede boots “Wish” and textile boots, Snow. Other popular models include the sports shoes Eclipse, Light Eclipse, Tornado and Speedy.

Geox Mens Shoes

Geox Men’s Collection

Men’s shoes consist of various casual, sports and dress shoes. Portofino is a smooth leather laced shoe. Hilton is a smooth leather moccasin. Monster comes in suede and oiled leather. This model is a casual shoe. So, too is Early while City Sport is a sports shoe. Colors are basic including black and brown. All men’s shoes are waterproof and breathable.

Geox Womens Shoes

Geox womens shoes
Geox womens shoes

Geox Women’s Collection

There are several different models comprising the Women’s collection of Geox footwear. There are classic Nappa boots such as smooth leather Tenerife, Jessica and Mendi. Rosa is an ankle boot in classic black. Geox also has women’s shoes.

There are several different models of shoes available for women. Some are casual shoes while others are sports or athletic models. Janis, for example is a patent leather and polished leather casual shoe. Snake, on the other hand, is a tumbled leather, oil suede sneaker. Charlize is a classic smooth leather shoe while Melissa, Plaza and Roslyn are dcollet shoes. Plazza is executed in fading pearlized patent leather, while Melissa and Roslyn are in suede. Melissa is a chunky heel. Plaza and Melissa are high-heeled shoes. Colors are classic. All women’s shoes are breathable and waterproof.

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