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Hair Clippers for Men

Updated on August 15, 2009

Usually guys will walk into their favorite barber shop and just ask for a level 2, which is the same as asking for a short hair cut.  Hair clippers a most commonly found in barbershops, but you will also see them in beauty salons as well, sense they are a handy tool to use when trimming down the hair and helping to shape it.  If you are a man that likes to shave your hair off your head or even your back, you probably own your own personal kind of hair clipper. Owning Hair clippers, can make life easier when you need to clean up fast and don't have time to make a run to the barber shop.

There are so many hair clippers on the market that it makes it hard to choose which ones you should buy.  So the next time you are at the barbers don't be afraid to ask what kind of hair clippers they are using.  Paying someone $25.00 to give you a basic haircut seems silly when you can to it yourself at home. 

How to cut hair with clippers Part 1 using a level 2

how to cut hair with clippers part 2 using a level 3

The Best Hair Clippers

By doing some research I have found that their are at least three different hair clippers that are worth looking at. They all have great ratings from consumers and all are priced around $50, so they won't put a hole in your pocket.

1. The first one found is Oster Fast Feed Clipper which cost $50.00. It is light weight and compact and has a lot of power. You can go from size 000 to size 1 with a simple blade adjustment which makes it easy for the one giving the hair cut to have haircut options.

The Fast Feed Comes With:

  • 4 comb attachments
  • Oil
  • Cleaning brush
  • size 000 blade

The motor is powerful and quiet and even cuts your hair when it's wet. It's also known to be powerful enough to even cut through thick, matted dog hair. Which is highly recommended if you are looking for hair clippers to groom your dogs.

2. The next clipper I have in mind for you is the Wahl 79524 26-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit which will cost you about $46.00. It has a High-Speed Power-Drive motor that will also cut your hair if it happens to still be wet. The blades never have to be adjusted and comes with 10 guide combs and an adjustable taper control.

Wahl 79524 Comes with:

  • High Carbon Steal blades
  • 10 Guide Combs
  • 2 Hair clips
  • Barbers cape
  • neck duster
  • Scissors
  • 3 combs
  • 5 year limited warranty

3. The Babybliss Forefex Pro is the last on my list and will cost you $50.00. Alot of salon employees claim to use these hair clippers and wouldn't change them for anything else. With these hair clippers, you are able to get the exact cutting position that is necessary for any head shape.


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