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Gifts For Women - Gorgeous Lingerie

Updated on April 6, 2017
Get the 50's look!
Get the 50's look!

How to choose the right Lingerie

To all you men out there who haven't got a clue what to buy your girlfriend or wife this year, whether it be for her birthday or that special occasion, or even if you just want to treat her, why don't you think outside the box? Women love Gorgeous Lingerie. You can never go wrong buying lovely underwear for your lady. As long as you get the right size and shape, she will love you forever! Women love any gifts from their man, and lingerie is probably the best if you want to please her. Whether it be bra's or even stockings, all your lovely ladies will love it!

The Idea came to me when I was sitting inside my house today, and I got a knock at the the door. When I opened it my friend came rushing in, all flustered, grabbed a bottle of wine and virtually threw herself onto my sofa. Get the glasses she hollered, I am mad, mad, mad! Okay, I thought, here we go. What now?

He's only going to buy me a new set of seat covers for the car. She screeched. I said, so what? what is wrong with that? She gave me a strange look and said 'you don't get out much these days do you? Then she realised I was joking. I knew what was coming.

So, after calming her down somewhat, I asked her what was bugging her. 'We have only been married for nearly a year and he wants to buy me something like that' She said clonking the bottle on my coffee table and nearly shattering the the glass top. Extricating the bottle and glass from her hand I said, so why did he tell you?

'Because I was moaning that the seats were getting tatty, and he said, with a grin on his face, don't worry that is already sorted, I have bought you some, as I knew you needed them!.

By this time I was starting to laugh, but after taking one look at her fuming face I changed my mind, and asked her, what do you want to do about it?

Without a word she got up and grabbed my laptop. Clicking madly she said, I want this, and this, or this and that. Leaning over her shoulder, I saw what she was looking at.

Oh, I said, undies. Not just undies, those sort of undies, and if he doesn't want to buy them for me, I will get my own. she said.

With the bottle in one hand and clutching the glass, filled I hasten to add for the third time, I extricated her from my chair in front of the computer, scared by this time that she would take it out on the poor little PC, and plonked her back on the sofa. Okay I said. Let's do it.

Well, by the time we were finished we had chosen loads and loads of stuff and had absolute hysterics while doing it. Two bottles later, and after a fit of the giggles, we chose some great little things. And I mean little!

After she had gone, and I had managed to put the glass down and get on with some work, I suddenly thought, 'Well if her husband is that bad, then so must others be. So here you are, take a browse through these and for goodness sake take the hint.

Things to watch out for.

The first thing you must always remember to do, is, make sure that it is the right size. There is nothing worse than giving her something that is too small or too big. You must always check that , where underwear is concerned the top may be a different size from the bottom. For example, if you buy her a dress it could be anything from zero to twenty, In Britain the sizes are different than in America or the rest of the world.

But if you buy a bra and knickers the top maybe a size ten, for example, and the bottom size eight. Make sure before you buy. Go through her underwear drawer and see for yourself. You don't want her looking squashed at the top and baggy at the bottom, so to speak! The second thing to check is the material. Does she like cotton? or would she prefer silk? Some materials are more stretchy, so they will fit better, and be more snug to the body.

If you choose a material that doesn't stretch, it can be a disaster if it is too small. And last but not least, think about the type of person you are buying for. Is she the kind of girl who would feel comfortable wearing something a bit risque. For goodness sake don't buy her a Skimpy thong and peep bra if she isn't that way inclined. Try to be moderate for goodness sake, or you will probably end up wearing it! And not in a good way.

So, remember the main points to buying your woman Lingerie. Size, material, the type of clothing that she always wears, and mix and match the size, shape and style. maybe buy her one that she would never think of wearing. You never know, she may just love it!


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