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Heart Jewelry Information

Updated on August 12, 2013

The heart is a symbol of love. When we see a heart, whether made of paper, wood, metal, precious stones, or anything else, we think of love. We feel love. And the reason why this is so is pretty obvious. When we feel love, when we are in love, when someone or something that we love is in our life and in our sight, we feel it in our hearts. Our hearts start to beat more quickly, more loudly in our chests. Our hearts may feel tight and excited or they may feel as if they are about to burst. In either case, the feeling is unmistakable. It is the feeling of love.

And in considering how much the heart means to us when it comes to the noble emotion of love, then there is no wonder it is also one of our favorite shapes when it comes to jewelry. Heart jewelry is loved by all people of all ages and in all circumstances. Heart jewelry, whether purchased as a gift or for ourselves, is a sign to the world that yes, we do love some person. It may be that you love a child, a friend, or you've been successful in finding a mate, but in every case, heart jewelry is the perfect way to communicate your feelings.

Heart jewelry is one of the classics found in every jewelry box.
Heart jewelry is one of the classics found in every jewelry box.

Buying Heart Jewelry

When you want to tell someone special to you that you love them, then one of first ways many people think of is to buy that person some piece of heart jewelry. The lucky thing is that there are as many varieties of heart jewelry to be bought as there are kinds of love that you may feel. Whoever you may want to express yourself to, there is a perfect piece of heart jewelry available just for them.

So, when you think of your special person, what kinds of heart jewelry would he or she most appreciate? Are they the type of person who loves rings? Or are they more the necklace or pendant type? Would they love a brand new charm bracelet that they could add charms to over a long period of time? If any of these sound like the person in your life, then there will be no problem finding heart jewelry for them. Jewelers and artists have been fashioning rings, bracelets, pendants, and more into the shape of the heart for hundreds of years.

Where To Go for Heart Jewelry

Okay, so now you know that you want a piece of heart jewelry. Where are some of the best places to buy this special gift? Here are just a few spots that would make great starting points.

First of all, there is the well know and well loved Kay Jewelers. These folks have been in the jewelry business for many years and have made many thousands of customers very happy with the jewelry they bought from them. One of the most special of all kinds of heart jewelry sold by Kay is the Jane Seymour Open Hearts line of pendants, rings, cuff links, bracelets, and more. The design of this special heart jewelry is one of open hearts,  two linked hearts that are open on one side. This is meant to symbolize the bounty of love that comes when we open our heart to other people, whether friend, relative, or lover.

Another interesting place to do some shopping for heart jewelry is at This online store offers many different kinds of heart jewelry depending on the look you most want. They sell the simple yet lovely Sweetheart Heirloom Locket in the shape of a sterling silver heart, while also offering the more ornate Diamond Curved Heart Pendant, with its white gold and diamond encrusted heart.

One last stop you might want to make on your quest for heart jewelry is Stullers Jewelry on the internet. Stullers offers the very unique Broken Heart Pendant, with its cracked heart design made from precious stones. This original piece of heart jewelry comes with an inspirational verse from the Bible, telling us that the broken heart will soon be mended so that it can love again. Surely, you will know many people for whom a gift such as this lovely piece of heart jewelry would be just perfect.

But whether broken, open, or joined in eternal love, heart jewelry will inspire and enthrall any person you might want to give it to. And there is no reason you can’t treat yourself to a piece of new heart jewelry either. After all, your own heart is as important to you as any other.


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