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How To Cut Kids Hair

Updated on October 22, 2011

How to cut hairs of kids is something that many parents are learning these days that how to do this for numerous reasons. If you wish to learn how to cut the hairs of your kids then you are lucky as this article is going to render the steps required to aid you do just that.

Things Required For Cutting Hairs Of Your Kid At Home

Sharp part of scissors for hair cutting, Brush and comb both, few hair clips, Mirror and a Spray bottle filled with Water.

Below are the some important steps to follow during the cutting of your kid’s hair:

Step One

Always decide first on the look or style you wish before the hair cutting. Are you only looking for to trim hair of your kid? This is very vital because by knowing the look and style you find it easy to cut hair of your kid and avoid any mistakes then.

Step Two

Wash the hairs of your kid before starting the cutting, or let them the washing of their hair by themselves. Do not cut dry hair as it will cause your scissors to turn into dull much rapidly. Comb their hairs to avoid any knots in their hairs. For kids with curl hairs, comb the hairs of your kid as straight as you can.

Step Three

Now it is best time to begin cutting the hairs of your kid. So, always begin at the back of the neck. Apply a comb as you cut to be assuring you are maintaining to a straight line. The next part is to cut around the ears of your kid. The last part for cutting is the sideburns or the area in front of the ears of the kid.

Step Four

When you accomplished with the cutting of your kid’s hair, it is a best idea to have your fingers in an upright position. This will aid you avoid nasty mistakes.

Few Tips To Improve Hair Cuts For Kids With Autism

For kids with autism, having a hair cut can be a very tough experience. For the parents of kids with autism, the experience is seldom painful, tears, full of stress and frustration.

If your child is diagnosed with autism you should bear in mind that it is going to be a tough thing to get your child's haircut. Sometimes parents try to avoid giving quick haircuts to such child because of the difficulty and often let their child look haggard.

Following and discovering few tips and evolving some plans, you should be able to take your child for hair cut without any problem. This procedure takes enough time and lot of patience.

Its best that you try to learn the behavior of your child while you carry on the procedures of cutting your child's hair. Make sure you are well aware of hair cut procedure, the try it out slowly in steps. Don't make haste instead try to communicate with the child in a manner to make things acceptable to him/her.

Care Of Hairs In Kids


Always use a soft shampoo, most preferably in the favorite color or scent of a kid. Occasionally, children are more eager to wash their hairs with a type of fun shampoo, especially if it does not irritate their eyes.

Brushing or Combing

Always try to create reassurance and trust by allowing your kids to brush and comb their own hair on their own style. Do not try to brush the hairs of your kid 100 strokes before bedtime in the conventional manner as this will overstimulate the glands of sebaceous and make their hair greasy and oily. 

Doing a rapid brush to get the tangles out must be quiet enough. Shine and condition will be increased by combing the hairs. Keep in mind to apply a comb on wet hair.

Kids Hairstyles

The hair of toddlers or kids can be stylized therefore; it requires everyday maintenance and attempts done by their parents. If parents are passionate about the style of their kid’s hairs, the minor sweep cut can be assayed. It needs small amount of maintenance and after, the hair must be combed only on one part of the head. Kids look cute with their short hair cut.


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    • profile image

      Christal 7 years ago

      I have a child with autism and I find it a lot easier if we bring a gameboy. This may take the attention off of the haircut. I also use headphones so the load buzzing from the clippers don't bother him. If you communicate with the hair stylist they are very understanding. And if you can find a good stylist keep using her/him.