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How To Treat Acne - Choose The Best Products For Acne Skin

Updated on January 11, 2015

Get Clear Face Skin With Murad Acne Skin Products and Treatment

Many of us have gone to have facials or don't know why we should go at all. Estheticians acne solutions of choice are products similar to Murad acne skin care treatment "Clarifying Enzyme Facial". When receiving a professional treatment you will have product recommended for your skin type and particular issues.

Skin Care Solutions For These Skin Types

  • acne breakouts
  • oily skin
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • dry skin
  • combination skin
  • sensitive skin
  1. A proper cleaner is chosen to accommodate the skin type.
  2. A toner is used to re-balance the skin to the proper ph level which is 4.5 to 5.5. Most cleansers today will re-balance the skin.
  3. Skin with these symptoms that are receiving no medications from dermatologist may have a glycolic peel that will remove the dead skin cells to allow the more youthful skin to show through and allow the treatments to better benefit the skins concerns.
  4. After a peel is completed it is time to treat the skin with a mask that will hydrate the skin and minimize lines improve texture and show a youthful glow.

Your esthetician will let your face condition as analyze show what is the best direction of skincare to take. Your skin should be maintained with proper home care and professional monthly facials your skin or treated at home with proper knowledge of skin treatments for your skin type and concerns.

Once you are given your recommended product suggestion remember that your skin never stays the same. It changes with age, time of year, illnesses and hormone issues. Be sure to have your skin analyzed different times of the year and when you have concerns.

Mandatory Proper Daily Acne Skin Care Routine

Every esthetician knows that there is a certain daily skin care routine that must be follow no matter whose skin care products you use. Day and night.

  1. Cleanse/tone with facial cleanser and non alcohol acne toner.
  2. Treat your skin with acne serum or cream treatment . Wait 30 to 40 seconds before applying moisturizer or night cream.
  3. Protect your skin with oil free SPF moisturizer in the day and a nourishing oil free night cream at night.

Skin must be cleaned with proper skin cleanser then properly rebalanced. Then treat with acne, line,wrinkles, spots and/or rosacea. After treatments are use proper moisture is applied to skin to prevent dehydration.

In the daytime your moisturizer should have SPF 15 in it. At night a nighttime moisturizer with or without oil (acne)should be used without SPF in it to aid the skin in the healing it does when your body is resting.

Murad products have the very best acne treatment active ingredients and are chosen by many professionals because Dr.Murad a dermatologist is the founder.

We have no clue where to begin except the running ads on tv, radio and magazines. Leaving our skin care to the pros can teach us how to prevent further breakouts by stopping some harmful habits we are ignorant to.

Why Murad Acne Face Skin Products

  • Reducing Blemishes
  • Removing Surface Impurities
  • Soothing Redness and Irritation
  • Improving Skin Clarity by removing dead and dulling skin cells.

12 Step by Step Professional Application of Murad Acne Face Skin Care Products and Treatments

Here are the steps an esthetician takes when applying the enzyme facial by Murad.The steps vary depending on the company your esthetician uses. You will first enter your spa of choice and offered a form with your facial and skin care history before meeting your esthetician.

  1. 2 face cleanses and removal of cleanser (steamer is turned on)
  2. Appropriate toner for skin type to remove all traces any residue.
  3. Enzyme Treatment Mask is applied to remove dead skin cells and further cleanse pores. Mask will be left on about 10 minutes.
  4. You will enjoy a hand and arm massage at this point while mask is working.
  5. Your mask is now removed and steam is turned off.
  6. Your extractions will now take place to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Blackheads are whiteheads that have been oxidized. This will not feel pleasant but will last no more than 10 minutes. It may take several visits to finish extraction (acne removal).
  7. Toner is used to clean bacteria from skin before soothing facial massage.
  8. Soothing facial lotion is added before your facial massage begins. This will relax you after your extractions.
  9. Clarifying Mask is applied for 5 minutes to further relax your pores and skin.
  10. Your shoulders and neck are now massaged for your relaxation while mask is working.
  11. Your mask is now removed with a warm towel.
  12. Your esthetician will now apply an eye cream and appropriate moisturizer lotion (soothing serum) to prepare you for outdoors.

After you have used Clarifying Enzyme Facial as the prescribed acne and oily skin treatment your esthetician will recommend what product you can use at home to further enhance your skin and prevent further breakouts.

In order to protect you skin from aging immaturely an esthetician can guide you on what to do to prevent damage before it happens or stop further damage. If you have beautiful skin, great. If you want to keep it consult with a professional about your habits and home regime to make sure your skin history looks bright!

There are other Murad acne skincare products available and the right one will be chosen for you after an analysis is made by a professional esthetician. For instance if you have fine lines or pigmentation issues from sun-damage you may have to follow another prescribed facial treatment .

The proper esthetician acne skin care treatment products are chosen after careful analyis. Your esthetician may use several different treatments for a specific length of time to assure your problem is under control combined with proper home care skin cleansing and maintenance. For more acne information please go to Acne Skin Care Products,Tips And Treatments Blog.

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      Darlene Matthews 15 months ago

      @FemaleAddaSocial-A good quality skincare line such as Murad will help prevent outbreaks and unclog inflamed pores. After the dry and dead skin cells are removed from the skin and the sebum (natural oils) were steams skin care specialist could physically remove blackheads and impurities from skin; however, a good skin care regemin and diet is impariative for healthy skin.

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      Acne is a common and weird problem now a days and tips which are mentioning here to overcome this problem. i found a very informative blog which i am looking for.