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Roll Back Time With Anti Aging Skin Tips - 5 Effective Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Updated on April 25, 2015

Anti Aging Skin Tips To Repair, Prevent and Slow Down the Aging Process To Have Younger Looking Skin

At the first signs of aging everyone seeks tips for looking younger. I sure know how that feels being over 50. I notice changes in my skin texture and fine lines between my eyes. My chin was sinking and my face doesn't look right unless I receive adequate rest. This alone should tell us something.

Our adverse face and skin changes is normally when we start taking our skin care regimen to another level or start getting more expensive and dangerous but temporary solutions.

Botox and surgery are no replacement for daily maintenance and preventive measures but it sure give us the fast results that build our self esteem; however we must also practice a healthy skin care regimen to maintain our skin.

Everyone is aging and experiencing aging affects that we want to avoid at all cost. If you're here you are probably experiencing some pretty disturbing things or at least they were disturbing to me.

  • lines
  • wrinkles
  • bags
  • drooping skin
  • hanging jowls
  • hanging chin

My mission is to help you understand that our skin is directly affected by what we do and what we put in our bodies. It is the largest organ and to operate and function efficiently we must treat it and our bodies like a priceless work of art, fine car or newborn. Would you clean these priceless possessions with just anything?

Okay, let's get to it...

Like our waistline we have to concentrate on doing exactly what it needs to remain tight and firm. You must add exercises to your regimen for your face just like we have to add certain exercises for our core muscles.

It must be properly cleaned and treated to remain supple and beautiful. We are definitely aging but we determine how well we do it.

So your blessed with great skin. just imagine how great your skin with be in the long run if you had a proper skin care regimen. Being African American and of other heritage I was sure what my skin would do, but I do know that I would prolong is as long as possible.

African American, Indian and other skin of color may not wrinkle like Caucasian skin but it sure will grow tags, moles,deep lines and damaged pores. No matter what type of skin you have free radical damage affects us all.

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How (free radical damage) Aging Affects Our Skin

Our skin is aging at an accelerated rate if the proper maintenance is not realized for our skin. Don't let good genes or the fact that you have great skin now make you think you are not aging.

We all are and you can prolong or change your skin with a good skin care regimen for your skin care type.

Let a skin care specialist to give you a regimen for your skin care type. He/she will look at your skin under a magnified light and analyze your skin as well as give you a skin care treatment such as glycolic peels to remove built up dead skin, facial massages, moisturizing mask etc.

A dermatologist is a skin doctor for skin issues not skin daily maintenance.

Free Radical Skin Damage Causes:

  • wrinkles
  • tags
  • hypo (light)pigmentation (light patches)
  • hyper(dark) pigmentation (dark patches)
  • skin deterioration
    • sagging
    • bagging
    • elasticity diminished

Causes of Free Radical Skin Damage

  • alcohol
  • poor diet
  • smoking
  • lack of protection
  • dead skin cells

Free Radical Damage Preventatives

  • antioxidants
  • proper nutrients
  • use sun protection
  • sleep on back or side to prevent folds

Now it's time to learn the basics of properly taking care of your acne skin now that you know what can make it worse. As you know all skin is not created equal and those with acne skin know that more than anyone else. You can not use the same products that those without acne use because they don't address your specific needs such as oil, black heads, bacteria or redness.

Anti Aging Skin Care Basics

These basics anti aging skin care tips are to be used on all skin types. Without this knowledge it doesn't matter if you spend a thousand bucks on a skin care line or thousands on skin surgery; the necessary daily maintenance is all up to you.

There are some rules that have to be followed know matter what you use. Once you know how to use your skin supplies properly you can save money by avoiding potential skin problems and using you products more effectively.

Healthy Anti- Aging Skin Care Regimen

A daily regimen with products made just for your skin will allow your best skin to show. If you are not practicing a skin care regimen you could be aging your skin at an accelerated rate. For instance if you are not removing dead skin you will cause free radical damage. You probably already notice wrinkles, lines, dull skin, clogged skin, patches or breakouts.

  1. Cleanse at least 2 times a day with a facial cleanser.
  2. Do massage technique for 5 mins.
  3. Exfoliating liquid/gel treatment to prevent irritation twice a week.(Exfoliate cleanser, wash for 1 full min.)
  4. Always use toner (not astringent) made for oily skin to re-balance skin (4.5-5.5 pH).
  5. Always use SPF moisturizer for your skin type during the day for skin protection.
  6. Always use moisturizer night cream for oily skin at night to restore skin. Never use a product with SPF at night.

That is the short an sweet version to good skin care. If you use the basics you will tell a difference in your skin every 20 days for the better, for now you will continue to see dull skin with excess dry skin cells and clogged pores and fine wrinkles that will come due layers of old skin creasing like old leather, un balanced and environmental damage.

(Dry skin cell accumulating on the skin causes wrinkles and clogged unhealthy looking skin.)

5 Effective Anti Aging Tips For Looking Younger :

How we are affected in life shows up on our skin. What do you see when you look in the mirror? What do others see? We may eat right and exercise but what exposes our age more than anything else is your face. A youthful looking face is clear, toned and stress free. Challenge yourself to use these tips for 7 days or 2 weeks. There's nothing to lose, only more to gain.

  1. Exfoliate- Remove dread skin cells with a professional glycolic peel once a month or (exfoliate as instructed in hub twice a week). This forces new skin to generate faster leaving your skin smooth and supple. Best done at night. If done during the day use SPF before going out.
  2. Face Massage- Re-position and tone your face with facial massages and exercises to firm your skin, soften wrinkles and lift chin area. These skin care strategies if done correctly and regularly will drain stored fluids, improve elasticity, minimize stored fat to give you a noticeable firmer,healthy and more youthful face.
  3. Protection/Prevention- Protect your skin during the day from the element and sun with sunscreen protection all year long no matter where you are from or the color of your skin. Wear hats, scarves or sunscreen especially when you expect to be over exposed. A vitamin c skin treatment before vacations will help.
  4. Stress/Frowning- Frowning uses more muscles than smiling and certainly makes more lines. Exercise, prayer and meditation are great stress relieving practices. Your favorite music,book, a walk or enjoying a pet will sooth your mind and allow you to reduce stress.
  5. Avoidance- Caffeine, sugar and alcohol will destroy your skin. If you can't avoid these use in moderation. Sleep on your back to prevent lines and creases from forming in your face. Placing a pillow in your neck helps a lot.

More About Your Skin Care Products

Facial Cleanser

There are many facial cleansers on the market that are very inexpensive but using a soap not designed for your face is not an option. You want to look rejuvenated with a clear clean complexion. You can even make your own facial cleanser with the right products.

  • Anti aging cleanser
  • Gentle cleanser for sensitive skin.
  • Creamy cleanser for skin 50 plus.
  • Vitamin C cleanser for skin with lines and/or freckles age-spots.

Facial cleansers are made to gently remove dirt and makeup from skin without harming the skin. Choose a cleanser that is made for your particular skin rather you have blemishes or wrinkles. A great rule of thumb is to go creamy if your older and clear under 30 .

You can find many facial products at the dollar store or your favorite department store for a very reasonable price. However treating your skin with high quality ingredients has extra added advantages.

Exfoliating Cleanser

An exfoliating cleanser is used to remove the clogging dulling dry skin cells from your face. Exfoliating face wash which has small grains (should not hurt) it may be called a facial scrub also; however acnic skin required a gel exfoliate (glycolic acid) or a face wash with glycolic acid.

Relax this sounds more terrible than it is. This is a mind solution that gently dissolves and removes the dead skin clogging skin cells without irritating your skin. Trust me I have worked on all types of skin and you will be fine. Just use common sense. Don't use it after tanning, hair removal,psoriasis or rosacea and use a spf 30 before going into the sun.

Exfoliating your skin forces it to plump up minimizing and softening lines and wrinkles leaving your skin smoother and softer while promoting new skin cell ! You should wash your face with this product for at least twice a week for a minute and a half or two.

Tip: For Blackheads try Equate blackhead face wash brand from Walmart in the blue tube. (will make all skin types feel refreshed)

Calming Toner

The value of toning your skin is priceless. Many people have no idea that your skin has to be re balanced (slightly acidic) to be in a healthy state, allow better benefit from moisturizers and to age well.

Your skin should be toned (rebalanced) after every wash and after removing any mask which make your skin alkaline. After cleaning your skin it is alkaline. Rebalancing your skin with a toner will enable your skin to receive the full benefits from your SPF and night moisturizers and improve your cell turnover rate causing skin to age well.

Toning your skin is as simple as using witch hazel. However using a toner for your acne skin type is advised. You may need a toner that kills bacteria if you have redness in your pimples.

You can swipe in on with a cotton pad after cleansing or removing a facial mask or mist it on with a spray bottle. Witch hazel will also calm those tired eyes by applying it on eye pads made with cotton.


Moisturizing your face is necessary for everyone regardless of their skin situation. Moisturizing serves as a protective covering from the outside element and as a seal to keep skin hydrated leaving you with a softer smoother and subtle skin. During the day your moisturizers should have SPF protection. During the night the added chemicals of an SPF protection should be avoided. Nighttime is when your skin reforms and heals and receives added benefit from night treatments.

Warning: SPF is a product designed to lay on top of the skin as a barrier between your skin and the sun. It does not allow your skin to rejuvenate and self heal at night like the night creams that penetrate and promote healthier skin.

Facial Muscles

Effective Anti Aging Face Massage Techniques

Eye Massage

The skin underneath your eyes are very delicate and can cause the best of us to look older that we are. Remembering that our skin is attached to your muscles should persuade you to remember not to rub outward. Our muscle underneath our eyes go inward! Rubbing in the opposite direction will detach our skin from our muscle causing the dark and baggy eye syndrome.

Lightly rub our fingers around your eye in the direction of the hair growth of your eyebrows to stimulate that muscle properly. I know this sounds crazy but the most expensive eye cream can't re-attach your skin to your muscle.

Do this while washing your face for better gliding and control. A few seconds while washing is all you need. It is best to start using this method before you have a bad problem or to avoid baggy eyes.

Eye Exercises

  1. You can also place two fingers over your eyelids and do eyebrow lifts to exercise your eye muscles. Exercise your eyebrow one at a time and both together for a total of 5 minutes 3 times a day. You will have awesome results in your first week.
  2. Hold fingers over your eyes and lift your eyebrows for 5 counts. Do this 5 times 3 times a day. These exercises will tighten your eye muscles causing a more youthful appearance.

Tighten Your Skin and Lift Your Droopy Neck With Effective Facial Massages

Skin Firming Massages: Part 1. Anti Aging Face Massage

Part 2. Anti Aging Face Massage - Self Massage 1:51

Part 3. Anti Aging Face Massage - Double Chin 2:15

Final Words on Anti Aging Skin Care

To age well and prevent future issues you will have to be faithful to your anti aging skin care regimen everyday as well as eat well and exercise for the most benefit. We all are aging and must do our part to prevent signs of aging. Having a daily skin care routine will achieve great skin and have you looking your best and it does't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Get started right now and be ready for those selfies! For more great skin care tips visit the Skin Care Tips Blog for more anti aging skin care tips.

Here is a great hub I found that will help your care for your other skin care and body needs when your on a budget or frugal. Top 10 Cheap and Easy Beauty Treatment Recipes.

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Good Looks With your Younger Looking Skin!


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      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Thank You!! My hub is now complete!

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      Natasha 6 years ago from Hawaii

      Thanks so much! Your explanation makes a lot of sense.

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      Wearing SPF on your skin at night defeats the purpose of your skin regenerating to it's fullest ability. At night our skin has the highest ability to absorb active ingrediate that promote great skin health and rejuvenation.

      Day time spf moisturizers are meant to protect skin and avoid further damage. The night creams are meant to rejuvenate,nourish and heal the skin of free radical damage that cause advanced aging with active healing ingrediates.

      Adding organic chemical compounds that absorb ultraviolet light and inorganic particulates that reflect, scatter, and absorb UV light (such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, or a combination of both)on the skin will defeat the purpose of your beauty rest.Don't your pores and skin need this break? YES!

    • Natashalh profile image

      Natasha 6 years ago from Hawaii

      Just curious, because I have never seen anything about it - why a no SPF moisturizer at night? (Other than the obvious that there is not sun at night.) Is there some other reason?

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      Looking good goes beyond cute when your over 30. Healthy skin is the new fad,which is here to stay with education. Being distinguish does. Not have to come with all the wrinkles and folds. Thanks for your comment Healthywholefood.

    • healthywholefoods profile image

      healthywholefoods 6 years ago

      Some great tips in a sagging economy. Who doesn't want to look better? I love these articles on self-improvement while saving money. Priceless!!

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      Cool hub!:) I like the tip about baggy eyes.