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How To Have Younger Looking Skin With The Right Skin Care Cleanser

Updated on May 3, 2013

Skin Care Cleansers For Youthful Looking Skin

When you want your skin to look younger,cleaning our skin just doesn't seem to be enough when it is still dull, lifeless or blemished. Well your right. If you are using shower gel, bar soaps and forbid plain water of course your skin is dull and looks older.

But no worries I will explain how facial cleansers can have you looking younger and more vibrate in no time. It's just a matter of finding the right skin care product for your particular type of skin.

What You Can Do To Have Younger Skin

Your skin comes in contact with all types of airborne pollutants and has it's own issues such as rosacea, acne,clogged pores, lines or wrinkles and a cleanser designed for your face is what will produce younger looking skin and keep it clean and clear.

Choosing the right skin care products on our own has always been a blind leading the blind experience. Unless you are a trained esthetician, you can be confused and make the wrong decision when choosing your skin care products.

Dermatologist are even hiring trained esthetician in their medical practices to enhance their services. As a trained esthetician I want to share with you how a cleanser is chosen for your individual skin type.

Your skin type can also change with the season cause a new cleanser to be used. With proper instructions you will be able to make an educated choice to see a great improvements in your skin and prevent harmful aging affects later on in life.

I will make the choices clear and easy to remember and understand. The most important thing is to have you using the proper cleanser as soon as possible. But know this, when your skin is clean it is now in an alkaline state.

As adults our skin can not re-balance itself the way it did when we were children. We now have to use a skin toner which puts our skin back into a slightly acidic and healthier state to assist us in aging well.

Skin Cleanser Products

Acne prone skin.

A foamy type skin cleanser is what most people like to use to feel squeaky clean. Acne face washes have antimicrobial agents and other active ingredients to kill bacteria and treat acne. These cleansers have a neutral or slightly acidic pH balance.

When the foamy face wash designed to treat acne is used too often it can cause the acne skin will become too dry and over compensate by producing more oils and become dehydrated causing more acne problems.

Face washes have to change when your skin does. A professional esthetician can evaluate your skin and let you know what product's are best to maintain healthy skin and prevent future damage from the environment and aging process. Review the process a esthetician does when performing an acne treatment.

Dry, normal, and combination skin.

Cleansing lotion is a water-based (does not clog pores) emulsion for dry, normal and combination skin. This is great for dry skin(milky cleanser) because the oils and emollients hydrates and softens the skin.

Additional additives are included to suit certain skin types and imperfections.

  • sensitive
  • dehydrated
  • capillaries
  • dry skin
  • acne

Apply these cleaners with a cloth or your hand and removed with damp cotton, cloth, or sponges. For more acne information please go to

Cleansing Cream - Very dry or mature skin.

A milky and creamy cleanser is the best cleanser to help more mature skin look more youthful. Squeeky clean is not always a good thing. Older skin need more moisture to allow thinner skin to age well.

Cleansing creams are oil-based emulsion used to remove make-up and dirt from skin. You can cleanse your face twice a day without drying it out.

This cleansing cream is heavier than cleansing lotions and should be used with a sponge or a soft cloth. A toner or other cleanser should be used afterward to remove any residue. (Person with acne will remove make-up with cleansing cream then wash with foaming face wash.) Certain toners may be to harsh for acne skin.)

FYI *Exfoliates added to cleansers will slough away dry skin exposing softer younger looking skin,even tan,unclog pores, and better make-up application.

I hope this has cleared up a number of things about your skin care cleanser product. Hopefully you are using the right one for your skin type. If you haven't already get a skin cleanser that is right for your skin type right now and soon you will love the skin your in.

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