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How To Have Clear Skin-Find The Right Skin Care Treatment For Cystic Acne

Updated on November 29, 2011

Cystic Acne

Clear Skin Remedies For Cystic Acne

Getting clearer skin and finding the right treatment for cystic acne is best done by first seeking a dermatologist. This type of acne is very painful and should never be scratched, popped or tampered with.

Traumatizing the skin will cause more infection and bruising. Cystic Acne is one of the most painful type of acne. It is not uncommon to have acne on your back also.

Making your pores and skin clear and removing impurities must start from within with a proper diet to support any medical treatment on the outside of your skin. There are other ways to clear up skin and minimizing the severe look of cystic acne. Taking these steps and using a great cleansing system will have your skin looking great in no time at all.

Tips To Clear Skin

  • eat right
  • keep face clean
  • don't sleep in make-up
  • don't use make-up
  • cystic acne cleansing system
  • Do not touch
  • Proper nutrition

Living with this cystic acne can be very embarrassing for teens and adults as well. There is a great product that is getting great reviews called ClearPores. With this treatment your face will not get worse before getting better in most cases.

What Is ClearPores?

Clear pores is a 3 part internal and external cleansing system with active ingredients used for acne that will allow you to clean and remove toxins from the outside and inside to minimize and get rid of your cystic acne. What Are The Benefits To Using ClearPores?

  • clear skin
  • no more flaky and dry skin
  • no redness and sensitivity
  • confidence
  • self esteem

How Does ClearPores Work On Cystic Acne?

ClearPores supplements regulates your bodies natural ability to flush out unwanted toxins that cause cystic acne. The topical cleanser give added protection from outside pollutants that can harm skin.

Living with terrible cystic acne can be a thing of the past with the proper remedy for your particular issue. When your ready to clear up your skin consult your doctor as always to see what products are right for you. However ClearPores does not require you to have a prescription. Clearer skin is available to everyone and has only one side effect ClearPores! Your still here?

Do your research for ClearPores as your treatment for cystic acneand get clarity! Skin clarity, this is. For more acne information please go to AcneSkinCareTipsAndTreatments Blog.

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What Is Cystic Acne?


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      This is true True Cures.Thank you for your valuable insite!

    • True Cures profile image

      True Cures 6 years ago from Payette Idaho

      Yes, you are correct. If patients got more involved with their own personal health and took more responsibility for understanding health and healing, today's medicine would be completely different with a completely different outcome.

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      That may be true but a suffering embarrassed person doesn't care how it started they just want relief. What can it do for me is always the question. Only estiticians and doctors care about the root of the problem a teenager or suffering adult wants to know the extent of the benefits.


    • True Cures profile image

      True Cures 6 years ago from Payette Idaho

      That is true, however if the cause of cystic acne is indeed fungus it narrows the options considerable. The fact that fungicides are typically more effective than acne medicines, it strongly suggest that fungus is what needs to be controlled. The problem is, there are probably a dozen different types of fungus that can cause cystic-acne. There was a time where you could have seen the picture on your hub in a google search for fungal infections.

      Lotrimin Ultra is not recognized as a treatment for acne by medicine medicine does not acknowledge fungal infections anymore. Most of the medical sites have showing the exact type of infection as the acne in the picture have been removed because enough people were putting two and two together and all the sudden acne isn't any more of a problem than jock itch or athletes foot.

      Lotrimin Ultra is something I recommend for the reason that it has an active ingredient that kills many different fungus. Like, you said it doesn't work on everyone because it kills many kinds of fungus but not all. That means they need another active ingredient product. It might mean another brand or even a Monistat product.

      Scientifically speaking, once the cause is known the CURE or CORRECTION is a piece of cake. However, curing acne is an end to an industry which is why fungicides are not used by medicine to cure acne.

      We live in a world where money is important, more important than clearing up a skin rash.

      No biggie, fungicides are cheap and if the right one is used results will be obvious in three or four days. The Ultra cream is nice because it keeps the skin moist for more comfort as the acne heals and the old skin is replaced with healthy clean skin.

      Who would have thought acne was a fungal disease? Certainly not doctors and scientist.


    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 6 years ago

      It's a common fact that no one treatment works for everyone. You just never know what percentage you fit into. Everyone with a product also thinks theirs is the best only the recipient can be the judge on what worked best for them. Thanks for your comment True Cures.

    • True Cures profile image

      True Cures 6 years ago from Payette Idaho

      Medicine fails to connect acne to fungus. 10 to 1 Lotrimin Ultra jock itch cream from wal-mart will give more relief than any acne treatment.

      Maybe your readers can try it and report back and keep the hub going.