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How To Insert And Remove Contact Lenses

Updated on October 22, 2011

Contact lenses are worn by thousands of people all over the world. They render a fantastic, invisible way to proper your vision, and offer a lots of benefits over glasses, such as they fact that specific types can be worn for sport.

Therefore, as all of the contact lens wearers know, inserting them can be very hard. It is all too easy to place the lens on the wrong part of the eye, or to set up dirt onto the eyeball while inserting the contact lens. This means that you may sometimes have to insert the lens many times before you get it to sit accordingly.

Why Can Not Tap Water Be Used For Rinsing Contact Lenses?

Tap water contains minerals, chlorine and metal particles, which can harm both the lenses and the eye. Amid other things, water contains microorganisms, which can conduct to serious infections of the eye through various microbial contaminations.

Home made saline, distilled or purified water does not disinfect contact lenses and must not be used for rinsing the contact lenses.

Saline are made in a controlled environment and involves specifies amount of recipes of ingredients. However, home made saline, purified water from home tap must not be used to rinse contact lenses.

Here are few simple directions that will aid you fit your contacts properly at first time, and without the risk of acquiring dirt or other particles in your eye.

Clean Your Hands Properly

Normally when you get dirt or some other particles in your eye while inserting your lenses, it has come not from the lens by itself, but from your finger. Due to this, it is significant to properly wash your hands immediately prior to inserting your contact lenses. Utilize soap, but be assure to wash it off or it could crusade irritation.

Balance The Contact Lens

Next seat the lens just on the tip of your index finger. If inserting the right lens, use your right hand and for the left lens use your left hand. The lens must hold itself in place thanks to the lens solution still on it. Therefore, if it is not staying, apply a couple of drops of lens solution to keep it in place.

Open Your Eye

Place the palm of your free hand next to your forehead, and reach its fingers down to your upper eyelid. Utilize your fingers to pull the eyelid smoothly upwards to expose the eyeball of your eye.

Place The Lens In The Right Position

Now, gradually move the contact lens towards your eye. A best way to assure it lands in the correct place is to stare at the middle of the lens as it approaches your eyeball. You must feel a cool sensation as the contact lens makes contact with your eye. Once it adheres to your eye, then you can move your hand aside.

Make Sure It Is Seated Properly

Lastly, blink a few times to assure the lens is properly seated on the eye.  Then repeat the same procedure for your other eye. Now, this will become more easy and natural after doing this a few times yet if it might now feel little itchy.

If you are for some reason sensation irritation on your eyes, you must first wash them with water and if it still continues irritation then you must go visit a doctor. Keep in mind to keep up your sanitation when doing this!

Using this easy and simple method or procedure you will be able to rapidly insert your contact lenses, ensuring a cozy fit, and less chance of getting dirt particles in your eye.

Removing Contact Lenses From Your Eye

Removing contact lenses needs the same methods of hygiene as inserting them. Once you have assured that your hands are properly clean and dry you will be capable to remove the contact lens.

Just raise your eye and you can pull out the contact lens from the sides with your thumb and finger.

This process is really simple and most of the people find that they are successful on their first stab. The benefits of contact lenses are many and they have helped thousands of people in their quest for correct vision without having to wear glasses. 

How To Insert And Remove Contact Lenses


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