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How To Look Good

Updated on October 22, 2011

Every one of us wants to look good, but get confuse on how to look. Looking good is easier than you think of looking good. We will tell you how much it is easy to look good.

Feel Good

The very first thing you have to do to look good is feel good. If you do not feel good from inside you can’t look good from outside. So feel good from inside you’ll look good from outside. It’s the easiest, cheapest and less time consuming thing you can do to look good and the biggest advantage is, it has no side-effects.

Eat Good

To look slim or skinny many young fellows, especially girls, escape meals. You’re not escaping meals; actually you’re evading nutrition that your body and skin needs to feel fresh.

If your skin is not fresh, then you won’t look good at all. Let your skin get the proper proportion of minerals, vitamins and proteins. When your skin is looks fresh and healthy, you look good.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Do drink as much plain water as possible. Water helps in eliminates toxics from your body. It will help you in feeling fresh and feeling good. If you feel fresh and good then you would look good.

A fit body is always attractive.
A fit body is always attractive.

Dress Accordingly

Do dress yourself according to life style. If you’re a student, prefer to wear casuals on campus. If you’re doing job then formals are best suited for many jobs.

For attending any party or dinner, keep in mind the theme of occasion. Be creative about your dressing and think out of box is good thing to do. Doing experiments with dressing is also a nice option. But keep in mind your must dress according to the atmosphere of the place you’re going.

Stay Fit

Join some gym or do some physical exercise on daily bases. Physical fitness adds a big plus in your goodness. In shape muscles, abdominals, tummy and abs helps you a lot in looking good. Going to gym regularly or doing exercise regularly is a good thing to do if you want to look good.  

Choose the right shoes for the right occasion.
Choose the right shoes for the right occasion.

Carry Yourself Properly

Something that matter more in looking good, than dressing good, is carrying it properly. If you do not carry yourself properly then you’ll look clumsy. No matter how expensive dress you’re wearing, if it is not carried properly then it would not look good on you. If your dress is not looking good on your, then it is understood that you would not look good. So, to look good you must carry yourself properly.

Wear Proper Shoes

Shoes, in your personality, play a very important role. Wearing sneakers with an Armani suit would spoil whole your money and your entire image’s goodness. Looking good depends more on the way you carry yourself, your dressing and accessories than your face looks. 

Do Your Hairs Properly

Pay attentions on your hairs. It is equally adaptable for girls and guys. Give some time to your hairs as well. Good hairs help a lot in looking good. If you want to tie your hairs, then tie it with a matching pony band or hair clip. 

For Girls: Wear Light And Appropriate Makeup 

Try to wear just very little makeup everyday on campus and in office, even if you’re at home as guests are actually ghosts, they can appear anytime. Do not go for heavy foundations and blushes, just put on a little lipstick or lip-gloss and a very little of kohl pencil in your eyes. It would help you in looking fresh and looking fresh will make you look good.

Wearing a suitable watch adds to your personality.
Wearing a suitable watch adds to your personality.

For Guys: Wear Glasses And Watch

It is more advisable for guys to wear glasses which suit their face shape, even if you do not have eye sight problem, put on glasses as a fashion accessory. Try to wear a watch that suits your life style. Watch and glasses would help more enhancing looks and personality, in short term it helps you in looking good.

Last But Most Important: Be Confident

Be confident with whatever you’re wearing and carrying. If you’re feeling confident that you’re looking it means you’re actually looking good. Always remember that the most good - looking people are most confident ones. So, do wear your confidence round o’ clock.


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    • profile image

      oluwasetemi 6 years ago

      looking gond is by eatng and buyng what u like

    • profile image

      ayesha mustafa 6 years ago

      best tips ever keep it up

    • Gayatrimadhu profile image

      Gayatri 6 years ago from Bangalore

      Your hub is very informative and your tips can be applied in daily life.