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Dreadlocks Hair Styles On All Types Of Hair- No More Ugly Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Updated on March 25, 2014

Protective Mist Bodifier is an excellent moisturizer for the health and upkeep of all dreadlocks.

No More Ugly Dreadlock Hair Styles

I know there are many dreadlocks hairstyles out there and I just wanted to compile some of the videos for a more relaxing search for the perfect dreadlocks style. You don't have to have ugly dreadlocks because your hair is straight. The right technique will all you to have great looking locks.

I wanted to start this hub off with an nontraditional dreadlocks hairstyle for African American men.I thought this style was incredible. We have seen a lot of locs pulled back and up; but I found a very interesting basket weave dreadlocks style for men.

There is something about the dreadlocks that call to certain people. I have to say that everyone that took the dreadlocks journey I knew was affected someway. I can't really explain it but they had a need to be free and (for a lack of a better term) rebelled against what society programmed us to except. In my opinion.

Basket Weave Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Men

Love Locs Hairstyle for Men

I chose this hair styling video not just because of the style but the care that went into the style. All styling of dreadlocks take time and come out better as a result.

I call This Love Locs for men.

Who said White People Can't Get Dreadlocks??

It was important to me to add this hairstyle video showing caucasion people with dreadlocks. I'm loving it! With backcombing, crochet method and twist and pull methods locks can be achieved on all types of hair. The dreadlocks have been in existence from the beginning of time and are sweeping the nation today!

Dreadlocks Hairstyles on Straight Hair

Intriguing Dreadlocks Styles

Here are some very intriguing dreadlocks styles for men I only wish they came with a styling guide. Enjoy these unique designs.

Dreadlocks in Beijing

I found this video with a band in Beijing with the lead wearing these awesome locs.

Dreadlocks in Beijing!

Dreadlocks Hairstyle Instructions

Here is a dreadlocks hairstyle instructional video. This is meant for inspiration for those that have similar hair length. It is rare when people take the time to show you how to achieve their dread styles. Enjoy!

Instructional Dread Style Video for Long Hair

Dreadlock Hairsyling

A very interesting collection of dreadlocks hair styles!

Cool Dreadlocks Updos and Other Styles Tutorial

This young lady takes the time to show us some awesome Dreadlocks hairstyles please be patient. Bless her heart.

HOT Dreadlocks Style Finale

I thought this very appropriate for the styling finale. This dreadlocks styling video is well done and will make your creative juices explode. I hope you enjoy everything your about to experience.

HOT Dreadlocks Styling Finale

Thank you for looking over my dreadlocks styling hub with tutorials. I enjoyed putting this conglomerate of videos together. However if you want to know how to make dreadlocks on any hair type, learn how to maintain your dreadlocks or pick up a few Loc Socs please refer to


Loc Socs Head wrap

Hair Care Tips For Maintaining Great Dreadlocks

Style Dreadlocks Safely for work or play.


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    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 4 years ago

      Sorry for getting to you so late. This slipped through the cracks..

      Dreadlocks are more than a hairstyle. People are making a statement and decide not to conform to what society wants. A since of freedom if you will. What ever the reason for wearing them, keeping them healthy and clean is very important.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 4 years ago from Southern Clime

      Can all types of hair textures be dreaded? Wow! I thought it would be very hard to dred straight hair. I do not know how anyone can sit long enough to do all of this work. Because my daughter is a braider and do many styles, I have seen her work on one head for nine hours and continue another nine the next day. The money is good, but I just do not understand the necessity of that much work on one person's head. I know that some hairdressers work faster than others, and I know that some even team up in order to get jobs done faster, BUT!

      I have seen many dread styles that were well kept, but some people need to realize that poorly kept dreads are very unattractive.