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How to Get Fairer Skin the Natural Way

Updated on August 2, 2012
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Get The Skin You've Always Wanted

Most Asian people always dream of having a fairer and flawless skin like Caucasians have, it is due to their dark complexion that make them want to achieve that porcelain-like and clearer look. It is because for most of them, fair is beautiful ( well it still depends on a person but mostly they do believe it, even I). Some people spend a lot of money going to dermclinics and get their dream complexion done with some facials and so on. But even if you're out of budget, do not lose hope, you can still get your desired skin tone in the comfort of your home. Though it's not as dramatic as what dermclinics promise, these remedies really help not only in preventing but also to eliminate dark spots.

Tips to Get Fairer Skin Naturally

Water Therapy

Keep your skin hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Hydration is the key to have a fresh looking and glowing skin. This will prevent your skin from being chapped and dry thus keeping them smooth, supple and fresh. The more water you consume, the more healthy and hydrated cells you will have thus preventing your skin from getting wrinkles.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is widely known for its whitening effect. Applying it everyday reduces dark spots making your skin become fairer. It also removes scar on on the affected areas thus enhancing your complexion. It is also one ingredient in making face masks. By applying lemon all you need to do is to cut the lemon into half and squeeze the juice out. Apply them on your face or any dark areas of your skin such as elbows, knees or even underarms. Leave them for 20 minutes as lemon is too strong. Do it everyday and you will see results in just one week depending on the complexion.

Do Not Expose Yourself Under the Sun

Exposing yourself too much under the sun not only makes your skin darker and dehydrated but also causes skin cancer due to the sun's UV rays. As much as possible, stay inside the house if there's no need to go out. But if you have to, just always bring a thing that protects you from sunlight. Use umbrella or wide hats when you go out, this really helps a lot. These will shield you from the harmful effects of sun rays. Also avoid swimming in the sun, you wouldn't want to get darker and have sunburn unless you wanna get tanned.

Carica Papaya

Papaya is a fruit that helps whiten complexion that's why there are lots of soaps, creams and lotions out there which its main ingredient is papaya. You can buy them on any beauty shops or grocery stores but if you want the natural papaya, you can prepare them at home. Just slice a few pieces and apply its fruit mash on dark areas. You can also blend them. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly as it is kinda sticky and smelly. Repeat the process everyday and wait for the great results. You will surely notice the difference in just a few days.


If you can't take not to go out everyday, or if there's a need for you to, or if your work requires to then do not forget applying whitening lotions with SPF (Sun Protection Factor) before and after exposure on the sun. There are lots of whitening lotions that offers SPF to keep your skin protected against UV rays but always choose the highest level of SPF for longer period you are outside for better protection.

Washing your face

Wash your face as often as possible, about three times a day with your whitening facial cleanser or soap and water. Washing your face will help remove dead skin cells making your skin renewed.

Vitamin C

Eating foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, green peas, strawberries, oranges, and tomatoes plays very important roles in your health and beauty of your skin. This includes decreasing the production of melanin in your body which in turn makes your skin fairer. Melanin is a pigment that gives your skin its dark complexion. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that prevents aging, improves skin color and suppleness. It helps maintain your skin's basic support structure called "collagen" that makes your skin strong.


Sandalwood oil is used in aromatherapy and cosmetic industries. It is very effective in maintaining and improving your skin health. With regular use, it helps improve natural glow and fairness of your skin.


Exfoliating your skin three times a week will help remove dead skin cells which in turn makes your skin fairer. When you exfoliate, do not expose yourself in the sun, this may cause more harm to your renewed skin.

Just Wait and See

Making your skin fairer is not done within 24 hours. It will take a lot of patience and perseverance for you to see results depending on your skin's condition. Just be consistent with what you really want to achieve and you will see the difference in no time. Just wait and see.


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    • profile image

      lovely 3 years ago

      Tell me this is true because i never think that the face get lighten and glowing.

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 3 years ago from United States

      These are some really great insights on getting fairer skin. I love trying natural things, so this was very helpful. Great Hub. Thanks for sharing. Voted up!!!


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