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How to Wear a Statement Necklace

Updated on March 30, 2015

Welcome to another fashion-how to!

Statement necklaces have been a major fashion item must-have since last summer. We've been seeing them on runways, red carpets and even at the mall! Statement necklaces are brilliant for adding a hint of sparkle or boldness to an outfit. However, they must be done properly so you don't look like a big chaotic mess! There are many different ways to rock a statement necklace, and here I show you *my* favorite ways to wear a statement necklace!


Statement Necklaces with a Shirt

One of my favorite (and easiest) ways to wear a statement necklace, is with a clean t-shirt or shirt. What do I mean by "clean"? A clean shirt is a t-shirt or shirt that is well-tailored and fairly simple. If the shirt has one bright color or pattern, that's fine as long as it doesn't have multiple bold elements. Pairing a neutral shirt with a bold statement necklace can look extremely chic.

Here are two simple rules to follow, to achieve this look painlessly:

* Wear the necklace way below the neckline. Make sure the necklace length doesn't compete. Keep the necklace low and the neckline high! (Like Olivia Palermo at right)

* Wear the necklace like a bib. Keep the necklace right above the neckline. Be sure it sits at the exact right spot, so that there isn't space in between the statement necklace and the top of the shirt.


Statement Necklaces with a Blazer or Jacket

Pairing a statement necklace with a chic blazer is a fabulous idea. Keep the "inner shirt or dress" somewhat plain. You don't want a complicated pattern or neckline competing with the necklace. Let the statement necklace be the center of attention!

Try this popular trend: Have the jacket and statement necklace "match." When I say match, I don't mean to an exact tee. Just find one common element to bring the whole look together. Wearing a coral jacket? Find one coral element in the statement necklace. Check out how Charlize Thereon did this at right with her silver blazer!


Statement Necklaces with Dresses

One of the biggest mistakes I see made with statement necklaces are placement. Be sure you keep visual proportions in mind when sporting a statement necklace. Statement necklaces are most often worn with dresses for evening. Once again, you can wear a statement necklaces in a variety of lengths, but keep some of these basic rules in mind!

* Keep other jewelry at bay. Don't over-do it by adding on a statement bracelet and statement earrings. One statement per outfit is more than enough.

* Simplify the top portion of your outfit. It's great to add some interest to the volume of the skirt or hemline, but keep the top simple. It's too much to have a complicated neckline along with a large bib necklace right on top of it.

* Carry a small purse. This sounds strange but I hate seeing a huge statement necklace with a gigantic bag.

* Consider your own proportions. Since I am petite, I avoid any kind of layering of too thick of strands. Some layering is fine, but when the layering goes from my collar bone to my ribs, I look like I'm drowning.

Celebs LOVE Their Statement Necklaces!


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