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How to fit pants and jeans

Updated on January 8, 2014

Well fitting Pants and Jeans; a possibility!

So are you frustrated with ill-fitting pants yet? Before you buy another pair of pants or jeans that sag in the butt, pucker at the pockets and/or fetter around the waist read this guide that will give you the basic know-how of how to choose either that great fitting pair of dress pants or jeans. If you follow these simple steps you will never have to settle for that uncomfortable and unflattering look ever again.



The waist of your pants should be at your natural waistline. A well-fitting waist will allow you to breathe and will feel comfortable. The side pockets should not pull or pucker.

Lots of men make the mistake of wearing their pants under their ‘gut'. In general a man's body doesn't have hips (which were created to hold up pants).

With other words a man's waist is usually bigger than his hips and unless the suspenders come back into fashion (hopefully not) it's the belts job to hold up the pants. If pants are the proper size they will feel and look right.



The proper rise of a pair of pants is crucial, it makes or breaks them. Two tests you will need to perform when trying on pants. (Before buying them)

#1 The Bend-over test: After you have them on, bend over and touch your toes (well as close as you can get). It's the ride-down factor you're looking for. If the back waist pulls down you do not want those pants.

#2 The sit-down test: Sitting down will move the stress points to a different spot. The crotch of the pants should not sag and crumple up in baggy folds in your lap. Neither should they bind or be tight. When you sit the hips spread and this test will also show if the pants are too tight in the thighs or upper legs.


~Low Rise Pants and jeans are a no-no for the big man. Even though low rise jeans are fashionable and quite popular with young people they do nothing for the bigger physique. Unfortunately when pants are not the right length in the rise the plumber butt is too often an uncomfortable and possibly an embarrassing by-product.


This means that pants should not be too tight and show horizontal lines or bulges across the front under the zipper, back seat area and at the side pockets. There should be enough "looseness" starting at just under the waist all the way down so that the pant fabric can actually hang.

The big man also benefits from the front pressed in crease as that is a vertical line which elongates the legs.


~Pleats take away from the clean and simple lines. Pleats will pull open if pants are even the slightest bit too tight and they tend to make a big man look heavier. Pleats on a tall slender man will just give extra fabric and create a baggy non-crisp look.


The most common pant length and the desired length is for the pants to be almost to the floor at about 3/8"/1cm above and have a slight single break (crease of fabric) at the front or top of the shoe.


~The slouchy messy drag on the ground look is not a good look for anyone because it gives the illusion of shorter legs. Make sure the pant length is not so short though that one can see your socks when you walk.

Now that you went through this guide you know what to look for when shopping for pants or jeans next time.

A quick recap: too much fabric will sag and bag which can make you look sloppy, too little fabric will emphasize girth and show off bulging and puckering pockets.


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