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How to get a small v-line face/ make your face smaller

Updated on August 1, 2013

How to get a v-line face:

In many East Asian countries (such as Korea) a beauty standard is having a small “v-line” face, and in Korea many women have surgery to have a v-line face shape. The highly desired face shape looks just like it sounds, a thin oval face narrowing from the cheeks down to the chin, resembling a v. Their ideal is that along with a v-line face, the mouth should be small, the chin pointed, and the eyes large and round. Many people in korea envy korean celebrities who how these features, the cutesy look of a v line face is a star quality. This is why plastic surgery to get this face shape is an ever growing trend.


1. Check to see if you have the bone structure of a v- line face already. Is it not as visible as it could be, because of excess weight around the jaw line? If so, then you must exercise and eat right, in order to shed overall excess weight, since you cannot choose where you want to lose weight.

2. Another option for people who either have a v-line structure already and for those who do not, would be face rollers specially made for people who wish to have a v-line face. These face rollers promise results by massaging the sides of your face, even though they are not guaranteed. Though they are often cheap and are worth a shot, they face rollers are available online in places such as EBay and Amazon.

4. Heating masks are also available online, they are supposedly able to “melt ” away the excess weight around the face. Revealing an overall slimmer face shape. These heating masks are also available for the body. One popular company is Lus, which advertises the V-line (face) and S-line (body).

5. An option that would make your face look thinner, but does not physically change your face shape would be contouring with makeup to make your face look thinner by using the makeup to create the optical illusion of a thinner v- line face. You can learn to do this by searching for different tutorials on the internet.

7. A last resort would be to have plastic surgery. An operation where they saw the jawbone to create a v-line face is available. This option is not recommend, a safer option would be to appreciate your natural face.

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    • profile image

      Sabina Rummer 2 years ago

      Since I've started using the facethin tool my facial muscles have firmed. I've only had it for a short time so as I continue to use it, I'll be watching to see the effect it has on tightening up my face.

    • profile image

      Ilsa Gutmann 3 years ago

      hey thanks for writing... I think that having the right hair cut can play a very important role in giving you face shape and structure. To get a thinner looking face zou need to have a flattering haircut. If you want to make your face look thinner, then your goal is to make your face look less round and more oval. Though there is no one perfect haircut that can help you achieve a thinner face, a few tricks will help you find the balance and proportion you need to make your face look thinner. The best trick:

      Your hair should ideally fall between the bottom of your ear and the top of your shoulder. A too-short haircut will make your face look heavier and a too-long haircut can make your face lose its shape.

      I have made a list of more tips and tricks at health magazine:

    • profile image

      Crystal Nordin 3 years ago from uk

      try face thin which help to make your face thinner and smaller with out any make up in reasonable price with permanent result.