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How to make Zebra Stripes on nails

Updated on November 4, 2012

How do to it:

How to make Zebra stripes on nails

What You Need:

Nail Polish

Black Detail Brush

First thing to do is make sure your nails are clear of nail polish. Remove any polish with nail polish remover.

      Next, choose a color for the base of your nails. Keep the colors light and simple. White is the best choice. When the coat is completely dry, take your small detail brush and carefully paint the stripes on your fingers.

      Start with one side of a nail, slowly paint a line, and then go to the other side. Do the same process until your finish your stripes.

When you are done with all your nails, apply a coat of clear polish to protect the stripes.

Here is another method to paint your nails:

What You Need:

White and black nail polish

Base coat

Clear nail polish

Nail polish remover

Liquid Soap

Nail file


First, remove any old nail polish using polish remover. Prepare your basin with lukewarm water and soap. Then soak your nails for ten minutes. After you have dried off your nails, clip and file them. But don’t go all the way. Lather a small amount of hand lotion to your nail polish.

            Next, apply your base coat. Add the nail polish then follow it with two coats of the chosen bottom color. The bottom color should be white if you are planning to make the standard Zebra stripes. Wait for your nails to dry.

            Time to paint on the stripes. Too the stripes slowly and carefully and make sure they are thin. Use a small paint brush if you have shaky hands. Four to five stripes will suffice for each nail. Do not add more stripes because it might look overdone.

            Wait for about twenty minutes for your nails to completely dry off. Remove any excess nail polish on your hands. Use cotton swabs and nail polish remover to remove the nail polish residue on your hands.

            To protect your nails, apply a coat of clear nail polish on each nail. Do it in quick strokes to avoid ruining the stripes. Wait for the clear nail polish to dry and you are ready to go!


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