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How To Make Your Own Pore Strips At Home

Updated on March 2, 2014
Glowing skin
Glowing skin | Source

Pore Strips

Having clean pores can make your skin look cleaner and healthier. It also just feels great. Cleaning out your pores can be tricky. Finding the right product and once you find what works then there is always the cost. Pore strips work great but they can be very expensive. A wonderful alternative to this is to make your very own. This is fast, easy and inexpensive. In fact many of the ingredients you need to make them are probably already lying around your house.

What to do before you use your pore strips

Before using your pore strips you want to get your face ready. This is pretty easy you can steam your face or wait until after you take a shower. This will loosen the dirt. It also opens up your pores and allows for the strips to really pick up the dirt. this may not seem like an important step but it really is. This will maximize the effectiveness of the pore strip.

Elmers Glue


Using glue

This is a funny trick but it really works. Elmers glue works as a pore strip. All you have to do is evenly apply the glue to the problem areas on your face. It takes about two to five minutes to dry and the peel off is fairly easy. It might seem silly but I use this one all the time. I have plenty of craft supplies laying around and it is so easy to use. If there are still small pieces of glue that are difficult to remove try using a warm wash clothe.


Milk | Source

Milk and gelatine

This one is really easy and it works really well. It only takes two ingredients and you probably already have at least one of them.

What you will need

  • Milk one tablespoon
  • Plain gelatine one tablespoon
  • Bowl
  • Paint brush

What to do

Put both the gelatine and milk into the bowl. Mix them up. Put the bown into the microwave for ten seconds. Then apply the mixture to your face. Let it harden this should take ten to fifteen minutes. Then peel the mask off. You should be able to see the results. This is a good formula to get the really deep black heads out.

Extra tip

I really can't stand the scent of warm milk in this mask but I am pretty picky. To help with the smell my brother suggested using orange extract. It worked so well and did not change the effectiveness of the mask. so if you are picky like me I would try this.

eggs | Source

Using egg whites

This is an old method that has been used for a very long time. You only need one ingredient and that is an egg. All you have to do is separate the egg whites. Then apply the whites to your face. You can remove after five minutes. To remove the mask you can put a paper towel on the areas covered press firmly and then remove. If this does not work a warm eash cloth always does the trick. You just cannot see the results as easily this way. This is a good pore strip for sensitve skin because it is very gentle and is more eassily removed than the other pore strips.

Adding honey

Adding a tablespoon of honey is another version of this pore strip. I like this version because of the anticeptic qualities of honey. This means that the mask is killing the bacteria in the pores as well as pulling it out.

I would love to hear what you think leave a comment

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    • bizarrett81 profile image

      bizarrett81 4 years ago from Maine

      Awesome advice... the glue is okay to put on your skin numerous times, though??

    • lisasuniquevoice profile image

      Lisa Brown 5 years ago from Michigan

      I'm going to try the glue, and I'm going to try the milk and gelatine. It makes sense that these will work to clean the pores. I look forward to reading more of your work.