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Ladies Boots

Updated on August 27, 2009

Ladies boots are essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Ladies boots come in a wide variety of shapes and style. There are ladies ankle boots, mid-calf ladies boots, knee-high ladies boots, and thigh high ladies boots. Boots can come in a variety of materials including leather, suede, nubuck, patent, or sheepskin. The reason that it is so essential for a woman to have boots in her ladies fashion arsenal is that they can be worn on a wide variety of occasions to either dress up or dress down your clothing. You can wear boots to the office, out on the town at night, lounging around the house on the weekends, or out running errands while dressed casually. If you have the right ladies boot then you can complete any outfit.

Ladies Cowboy Boots

When you are choosing your ladies boots then the first thing you need to decide on is the style.  If you are looking for a ladies boot that can be worn with casual clothing like jeans then a good choice might be ladies cowboy boots or ladies western boots.  Cowboy boots are quite fashionable even if you are not a country music star or an actual cowboy.  Ladies cowboy boots usually come up to about the mid thigh and are meant to be pulled on.  They tend to be slightly loose around the calf because there are no zippers or fastenings and rather they are one solid piece.  They need to have enough give so that you can pull them over the ankle but tight enough that they do not look too loose.  You should be able to comfortably wear pants or jeans over your ladies cowboy boots.

Ladies Slipper Boots

If you are interested in a pair of boots that you can wear with floral, summery dresses then you might want to consider a mid-calf high flat ladies boot made of suede. These boots are usually wide calf ladies boot because they are also meant to slip on without any buckles or zippers. The mid calf- suede boot is also sometimes called slipper boots. Ugg has made this style of ladies boots quite popular.  There are also knee high moccasin boots that you can slip on that are quite comfortable and appropriate for casual dress.

Ladies Dress Boots

Knee high, black ladies boots are also very popular with women as ladies dress boots.  You can wear ladies leather boots with high stiletto heels under skinny jeans or with a mini skirt if you want to look sexy for a night out on the town.  The most popular materials for knee-high boots are leather and patent, but they too can be made out of any of the materials discussed above.  While it is possible to find knee high boots with flat bottoms, it is far more likely to find them with at least a medium sized heel.  The same trends usually hold true for thigh high boots as well.


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      Puk 4 years ago

      Hi Laura, I love your photos! I had plnaend a red dress photo shoot for this Sunday, April 22 for myself and four best friends. One of our friends has had an incredibly difficult past few years, so we are doing this for her and also to celebrate our 20+ years of friendship. Unfortunately, the photographer who had agreed to do a pro-bono red dress shoot for us back in February is now not answering my emails, so I am worried that all the work and planning is going to unravel. We plnaend this date a couple of months ago because it was the first date that all five of us were all available. Is there ANY chance you would be availabe to do our photo shoot this Sunday? I know it is ridiculously last minute, but I figure it doesn't hurt to ask. We already have a makeup artist lined up, and we have gotten permission to shoot at American Tobacco in downtown Durham. If there is any way you can help us out, we would be grateful! Pamela Santos

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      Tzammien 4 years ago

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