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Levis 514 Slim Straight Jeans

Updated on August 22, 2012

Levis 514 Slim Straight Jeans

The Slim Straight Cut

Levi's is a widely worn and well known brand for many reasons. Quality, affordability, Americana. But perhaps the reason people buy Levi's jeans is their system of labeling their different fits, like the 501, 505 of 511s. People know what they're getting year after year. The Levis 514 slim straight jean filled a gap in Levi's lineup between the traditional, roomier 501s and the trendy 511 Skinny Jeans. The 514 slim straights are slimmer in the thigh and seat, similar to skinny jeans. But they have larger leg openings and more room around the ankle and calf, like the 501s. They sit low on the waist and have a zipper fly as opposed to a button fly.

Stylish, Not Trendy

Fashion is always changing, even for a pair of good ol' blue jeans. Clothes offering a slimmer, more athletic fit are in style. Baggy, low hanging jeans are out. Jeans with a bit less denim are in. The skinny jean is the exclamation mark on this trend. But skinny jeans aren't for every build or every man's taste. The 514 Slim Straight cut is the perfect answer for men looking for a more stylish pair of jeans yet wanting to avoid the trendier excesses of the skinny jean. Levis 514s have less material above the knee, but less below. This leads to a slimmer more athletic fit that still has the appearance of a traditional pair of jeans. What we have here is a versatile pair of jeans, trendy but traditional. These jeans can form the foundation of a wardrobe, as they can be worn to the office, around the house or out. For more information on the style, check out this page.

Are Levis 514s Right for You?

 Stylish or not, a pair of jeans is only going to look good on you if it fits your build.  The slim straight cut eliminates a lot of room in the upper leg and thigh.  If you have large muscular quads, the 514s might be a bit restrictive and uncomfortable.   While you might not think these jeans are good for men who are overweight, men who have a high waist to inseam ratio (40W, 32L for example) report the 514s fit well without all the extra denim in the seat and thighs that can be common in these high ratio sizes. 

Women and the 514s

 Women love men in jeans.  Women also love men in fashionable styles of clothes.  Ergo, women love men in Levis 514.   Bring up skinny jeans and you'll get women who say they love them and women who say they hate them.  The 514s have the style the skinny jean loving women like and the 514s have the traditional look the skinny jean hating women are looking for.   No surprise the 514's can be found on women as well. 

Colors and Fit

As with all their style's Levis offers the 514 Slim Straight in a wide variety of colors and finishes. You can select from 14 different colors on Amazon alone. Colors include Voltage - a traditional blue to Sky - a weathered look to Ash Grey. Expect your Levis 514s to fit true to size, no vanity sizing. They are made of 100% cotton so expect some shrinkage. For darker colors, it is recommended to wash them before wearing. Levis offers a premium cotton-polyester version of the 514s with extra stiching, double entry pockets and a belt. Most colors are available online at for under $40, with no sales tax, free shipping and easy, free returns. If you decide to buy online, check out, for a breakdown of the best online retailers.


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