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The Appeal of Female Lips

Updated on August 14, 2011

Glossy lips

Lips are sweet...

I was thinking about what my next article was going to be on over the last few nights and well, I thought, I really enjoy photography and browse regularly photo sites just for fun. Lo and behold I "Stumbled" on a subject that for some reason really struck a chord with me...LIPS! I know, I know, DUH! Of course Lips rock you say! Well, excuse me, but the thought just occurred to me that not enough time is spent on them! ;-) Don't get me wrong either, I've noticed them before in fact I think they are the funnest part of the write about them? The female lip, to share with you this oft overlooked part of the anatomy, this is new to me.

Glossy Lips

Female Lips....they should be rated triple XXX for what they can evoke with just a look, how they make you feel! How do you even begin to describe them....there are so many types! Saucy ones, ruby ones, thick, thin, round, oval, big, small, glossy pink lips are so hot, red lips, glossy red lips and sweet lips, funny, sad, angry, hungry, happy lips, etc, etc, etc. They are what we stare at when we aren't looking at someones eyes, which is a whole other hub. They are emotive, physical, silly, sensitive, hard and soft all at once. If the eyes are the window to the soul the lips are the doors to the body.

Female Lips Are Awesome

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Sex appeal, right??Female Lips, Body art sans the Body?Lip enhancerGlossy lipsPlump LipsLips are so sexy!Plump thin lips
Sex appeal, right??
Sex appeal, right??
Female Lips, Body art sans the Body?
Female Lips, Body art sans the Body?
Lip enhancer
Lip enhancer
Glossy lips
Glossy lips
Plump Lips
Plump Lips
Lips are so sexy!
Lips are so sexy!
Plump thin lips
Plump thin lips

Lips, kisses and nibbles oh my!

Ok, ok so hands are good but NOTHING makes you tingle all over like the sultry touch of a lip. Even the simple kiss of a mother to her child bears more than a thousand touches of the hand. It resonates Love, tenderness and sexuality.

Haven't you ever felt the kiss of someone that no longer loved you? It all becomes obvious, as if they sent you a letter from their heart right to your brain with their kiss. Oh and the Kiss of someone who does love you....WOW now that is something to talk about. Just think, kisses, pecks, smacks, slurps and all kinds of cool stuff comes from the Lips. It all is expressed with these sexy muscles between the chin and the nose. Lips, mmmm, lips are hot.


They tell you almost everything, a frown is sad, a smile is bright, laughter comes as much from the lips as from the sound that comes out. Same with crying and pouting or anger with a purse of the lips and tightening of the eyes. Or hunger....the I'm hungry look, lip smacking, salivating wet look of an open mouth is freakin' hot. What do they want food, you, them, that??

Lips are like music...or female body art?

Lips form the words that make music sing. Just try it, sing, SING I SAY!! But don't use your lips......AHAA! Say anything without your lips and say goodbye to words making any sense or sounding good. Lips make music happen every day. Just listen to the music to the right Flaming lips to listen to cuz without the lips their just Flaming....?? Just listen to how much more beautiful the world is that we have lips to form sound, to write prose and lyrics about. Echo and the Bunnymen - Lips like sugar, "she floats like a swan...grace underwater...Lips like sugar, Lips like sugar, sugar kisses", just listen. It is female body art, sans Body, they add beauty and substance to our lives and how often do we notice them? Really notice how varied they are, I mean think about it......No lips would suck, we would be all teeth. Imagine that...all teeth, eww.

(update: the music was taken off of youtube sorry need new ones...) Back up!

Doll up those lips

Lips...........too hott???

So as I write this and look at what I think are fairly tame images I realize that to some these images might be seen as too, well, too whatever! I don't know, they are just images of lips, right?? Well, I don't know, I guess you have to decide for yourself if what you see is really what you see. Lips are fun, and highly suggestive however we see them everyday so what's the big deal? Today, lips have seduced me at least and I hope that when you get home tonight you will notice just a little more the lips staring back at you. What are they saying and what can they do for you? Or better yet what about what yours can do to them??



Lips like sugar

What do you think?

The images here are just lips, but what do you think of them?

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Well? What is it?

What is your favorite part of the face??

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Sexy Hot Lips



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