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Loadsa arty stuff the June McEwan way; Become a Zombie

Updated on March 28, 2011
Zombies in Perth city streets!
Zombies in Perth city streets! | Source

Become a Zombie

June McEwan 8 Mitchell St

Crieff PH7 3AG

Mob: 0777 187 5443



It's easiest to use face paints for the basic zombie foundation. Use moulding or nose wax to create scars and tube blood. If you can spend the money, buy blood paste for that finishing touch!

White hair spray and ripped clothing acheive the full effect.

How to

Stage 1

  1. Sponge face and hands with white face paint.

  2. Still using a sponge, rub black, pale green dark red and perhaps some yellow into the hollows of the face. Make sure you've made the eye sockets very dark. Don't be worried about untidy work – zombies are like that!

  3. Now add wax effects

Stage 2

  1. Roll a small ball of wax into a sausage shape.

  2. Press and spread onto the place you want it to go,

    (it's best to use an area where there is some bone).

    Dab on 'old - red', (a purply red colour) and black paint all over.

  3. Create a scar effect by pulling a pointed instrument

    through the thickest part of the wax. (e.g. A blunt pencil, a spatula, a modelling tool)

  4. Paint this channel black using a brush.

  5. Put fake blood into the channel. The black paint will make it seem darker.

  6. Do as many as you like.

Stage 3:

  1. Finishing touches . Draw bags under the eyes, dirty finger nails, bloody nose, cut mouth and so on

  2. Rip holes in your clothes and muddy them using brown paint and a sponge.

  3. Back comb your hair and spray it white to create the undead look!

Before being Zombiefied

Andrew Dingwall, Euan Stuart and Sarah Barron
Andrew Dingwall, Euan Stuart and Sarah Barron | Source

Zombies in Perth High Street

A markerHigh Street, Perth Scotland, UK -
High St, Perth, Perth and Kinross PH1 5, UK
get directions


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