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Lose Face Fat Now

Updated on November 17, 2011

To get a flawless face you should lose its fat. Masks in "Top 10 Facial Masks" hub are used to moisturize, cleanse, refresh, smooth and tone the superficial layer of the skin to get rid of the fine wrinkles. In this hub we are going to delve into the underlying layers, i.e. fat and muscles, to relieve your face from frowns, scowls and fatigue, and let you sculpt your face into the youthful sexy looking. We will detail what you can do to the fat and muscle layers in your skin to have a rejuvenated and vibrant appearance. Like the above mentioned hub has built its own fans receiving over 1000 visitors a day, I hope this hub will be of value and interesting for its visitors. It will enlighten the reader about neglected yet wonderful facts.

Fat and Muscle in Your Face

Fat and muscle in your face are like in any other part of the body, when fat increases and muscles shrink then there is a bulge, and to lose it you should make a diet and exercise. To do this in the face, it is much more easier than in any other part of the body.

Diet will decrease fat in the whole body, but we should consider foods that increase secretion of cortisol, and foods that decrease its secretion in particular.

Exercises for the face muscles are simple and do not include hard efforts. We will discuss both diet and exercise to lose fat in your face.

Diet and Fat in Your Face

Fat in your face and belly are accumulated by increased secretion of the hormones cortisol and insulin. Sustained high over months or years, cortisol produces what is known as the moon face (puffy face and eyes and development of a double chin). To read more about effect of cortisol on fat in the face and belly, you can read this hub Blast Your Belly Fat Fast Good food choices include protein, vegetables and fruits, and low glycemic foods, as well as avoiding fast foods and trans fats. . Releasing tension and reducing the stress on your body decreases the secretion of cortisol .. just smile!

Face Muscle Exercise

The good news is that muscles in your face can practice beneficial exercise many times a day, through simple daily activities like smiling. Train
your brain to smile even in a neutral resting state.

It is much more better if you always look for the positive and not the negative, because this will relieve the the stress which increases secretion of cortisol, which increases deposition of fat in your face. Remembering happy moments will release endorphins which increase joy and reduces stress.

Exercise will increase your muscle tone and highlights your best features, without use of chemicals in make up, or paralyzing them with Botox.

Did I mention that flexing those muscles makes a radiant, firm and supple skin?

How to do facial exercises

The aim of facial exercises is to have defined muscles, and more defined cheek bones and chin which are socially attributed with beauty and success.

It is a muscle building that consumes fat in the face, and also increasing blood to your face. It is a state of facial fitness.

Face exercises are simple movements of the muscles of the cheeks, chin, eyelids, eyeballs, and lips in a certain specific way. This video best explains
how to do facial exercises.


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    • profile image

      Dee 3 years ago

      You can also find a Medical Spa that has facial contouring equipment such as Accent XL, or VShape. In addition to the exercise, have regular neurocranial restructuring sessions, which moves the bones of the face and head into a more optimal position, increasing symmetry little by little with each session. For excess cortisol issues look up Elijah Free's herbal formula called Cortisol-Ease.

    • chrissie123 profile image

      chrissie123 6 years ago

      omg i been searching for face fat loss everywhere! thanks for this!