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Make Up Sets

Updated on December 15, 2015
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Hi My names Toya. I live in London UK and am working online selling products, blogging and writing reviews and articles like at Hub Pages.

Which Make Up Set to Get?

There are so many different types of make up sets you can get. You have to decide what you want and which brand you want to use. Also you can check any current special promotions and offers or limited edition eye shadows and lip glosses or lipsticks.

Make up sets usually contain 2 or more items and include eye shadows, lip glosses, lipstick, face powder and blusher.

You can get lipstick and lip gloss duos. And an eyeliner with mascara set. Or use an eye shadow palette with blusher. Or try an all over highlighter and bronzer as a face powder over your foundation.

What About Make Up Brushes?

You'll also need a good make up brush set. And some cotton buds and cotton wool plus foundation sponges.

A basic make up brush set usually includes:

A blusher and highlighter brush;

An eyebrow brush;

An eyeliner thin brush;

An eyeshadow brush;

A lip liner;

Special brushes like Kabuki brushes are used mainly to apply mineral foundation make up.

And you can get brushes made from real hair and synthetic hair, some designer and some cheap.

If you are a make up artiste then a professional make up brush set is an essential to take with you when you go to make up sessions.

Make Up Set Are Easy To Use On The Go!

Make up is created by skin care and beauty professionals and a lot of cosmetics use organic and natural products. And you can also get mineral make up which is paraben free. Or use vegan make up as well if you are a vegan or vegetarian, so that you know that the ingredients and products have not been tested on animals or use animal based products.

Make up is also created for different skin types and ages. It can also condition and moisturize your skin, protect it from harmful sun rays and free radicals when you go out keeping your skin in great condition while at the same time still looking good.

Using a make up set or palette is easy when you're on the go for make up re touches. Adding powder and highlighter or blusher can brighten up your skin during the day and adding an extra layer of eyeshadow or eye liner can keep your eyes looking fresh all day.

Using your make up set

Using your make up set is easy.

Use a highlighter brush and brush the face powder over your face to create a smooth look.

Then use the blusher and highlight your cheeks using your blusher brush.

After that use one of your eye shadow colors and eye shadow brush to shape and color in your eyes.

After that use the lipstick with a small lipstick brush and then lip gloss after if you want. Or just use the lip gloss.

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Make Up Sets and Tips On YouTube

Different types of make up sets you can get

Eye Shadow + Lip Gloss
Lipstick + Lip Gloss
Face powder + Highlighter
Mascara + Lipliner
Lipliner + Lipstick
Eye Shadow + Blusher
Lipliner + Lipgloss
Blusher + Highligher

What do you think?

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      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      I don't use makeup but I like the effort you put into this.