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Makeup Tips for Woman in Their 20s

Updated on January 31, 2018

Eyeshadow in Tropical Shades

Young woman having fun with bright eyeshadow shades. Appearing lively and stylish.
Young woman having fun with bright eyeshadow shades. Appearing lively and stylish.

For Women in Their 20's

Once in your 20s you have now acquired all the basic knowledge on applying makeup and possibly now a makeup pro. Now is the time to try different makeup techniques and become daring and sexy. Bring on the colors, give the eye palette rainbow a try. The transition from a young girl into a beautiful woman brings on much more responsibilities, everyday life can become overwhelming and it's pertinent to pamper yourself by looking fabulous. And so, why wouldn't you? Get that eyeliner to meow! Bring on the smoky eyes. Oh, and the red lips are very much age appropriate now. The possibilities are endless! Don't hold back giving it all a try .

I love the confidence that makeup gives me..

— Tyra Banks

Re-analyze Your Skin Regimen

Notice any major changes in your skin texture? Discontinue using harsh acne products if you identify your acne is under control. This will only dry out your skin and “believe me!”, hydration is worth every drop. Keeping your skin plump and smooth makes for flawless makeup application. Consider purchasing a superior quality moisturizer with SPF or quality BB Creme if light coverage is needed. Take your time purchasing, look for a lightweight non-greasy formula that gives you both good hydration and broad spectrum protection. Moreover, get in a habit of exfoliating and using a mask once or twice a week. This will maintain your complexion in top shape.

Killer Eyeliner Effects

Take your eyes to another level and try a cat eye. For beginners gel liner is the easiest to work with. For those with a steadier hand can upgrade to a liquid eyeliner which allows for more definition and intensity. Getting the perfect eyeliner application can be a real challenge. There's plenty of how to videos to guide you along. Check out this video for simple and easy tricks to get it right on the first try.

Tips for a Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Eyeshadow Tips

Keeping up with eyeshadow trends is not necessary, however, daring to try different techniques to recognize what looks best for your color and eye shape is well worth your time. Play with different looks that transform your everyday look into special celebration, it is lovely to see people turn up the heat in their makeup routine to showcase their finest features. Invest in a quality primer to keep those lids from creasing, smearing, or fading. Do you own a set of makeup brushes? If not, consider purchasing a less expensive set to get started, they work just as wonderfully. Brushes give you better control of the application and it allows you to hit all corners and creases for increased depth and definition and most importantly to blend, blend, blend. Furthermore, invest in a superior quality eyeshadow palette to avoid skin irritation that arise from under average quality products and primarily to obtain the richest shades for your lids that won't wear off easily. For beginners neutrals/brown shades are a great start taking you from AM to PM.

Smoky Eyes in a Lovely Lavender Shade.

The Classic Smoky Eye: In 6 Steps

The classic smoky eye can be used for all occasions and as intimidating as it may seem you can use it on the daily. For daytime smoky eyes, go easy on the application and stay within neutral shades. For nighttime or special events turn up the shades a few darker and get generous with the application. This technique looks beautiful on ALL woman. Quick smoky eye how to:

First step: Prime those lids! Like two peas in a pod. Eye Primer and eye shadow are best used together. Apply primer before your eyeshadow application, they will last all day and possibly through the night. It has the ability to keep the lids oil free and adhere the shadow extending wear; saves you time of re-applying shadow, thus preserving the product, what is more, gives you a smooth flawless finish.

Second step: Apply a neutral shade on the lids using a blending brush and just above the crease on the meaty part of the lids. Quick shade suggestion; beige for daytime and light taupe for evening. Many other shades may be used in place of. Don't hesitate to try them all.

Third step: Apply the eye shadow in the outer corners of the eyes using a darker shade either medium brown for daytime or charcoal for evening. Blend out the color throughout the lid. Keeping most pigment concentrated in the outer corners and crease of the lids, creating a smoky effect.

Fourth step: Sharpen a black eye pencil or brown (for a natural look). Now, line the lash line above and the inner water line on both top and bottom.

Fifth step: Using a small tapered brush blend the top lash line where you applied the eye liner and gently at the bottom lash line.

Sixth step: Lastly, apply mascara on top and bottom lashes. And Voila!, Just like that you have now officially completed the smoky eye training. Stunning aren't they?

Want a Challenge? Try the Cut Crease technique

Learn the art of the cut crease. It takes your eyes from beautiful to captivating. The cut crease provides an eyelid definition that makes eyes pop! This technique is ideal for social events and for woman that lack natural eyelid definition (hooded eyes). Here's how: First prepare your eyelids with a primer or concealer (if you have none). Next, using an angled eyeshadow brush draw a dark line just above the upper crease of the eyelids. And now, using a fluffy dome brush slightly blend out the line by using a slightly lighter shade, all the while staying within the meaty part of the lids. Lastly, apply a light sheer shade on the eyelid patting it down carefully with a small flat brush keeping it within the eyelids. Careful not to blend the crease line as this can blur the definition defeating the purpose. These steps should yield a stunning outcome. This technique may take several tries before getting it right but it's worth the trouble.

Cut Crease Tutorial

The Perfect Red Lips

As, icing is to cake. Lovely red lips are the stunning glaze to your face. You can make a statement wearing the right shade. After finding the right shade for my complexion, I truly wished I would've discovered it earlier. They look so sexy and give off that old Hollywood glamour. How do we find the perfect red lip color? Use your skin undertone as a guide. What color jewelry looks best on your skin Gold or Silver? Silver is best on cool undertones and Gold for warm. Both look great?, then you have a neutral undertone. For warm undertones try red shades containing yellow or orange undertones. For cool shades try blue or pink undertones. And, of course, if your a neutral you can wear both, “lucky for you!” Ideally, you should go to a makeup counter and ask to try on the lip color your interested in; this is the fool-proof way to see it fits you.

Best Combinations Based on Skin Tone

Fair Skin
Medium Skin
Dark Skin
Blue Red Lip Color
Red Orange Lip Color
Plum Red Lip Color
Silver Jewlery
Gold Jewlery
Either Gold or Silver
Super Sexy Flawless Red Lips
Super Sexy Flawless Red Lips

Testing Your Makeup Knowledge

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