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Easy makeup for beginners

Updated on December 29, 2016

Blessed are those who still manage to look fresh after being sleep deprived (almost for 3 days). The past 3 days have been quiet tough on me as my best friend of 20 years in India was facing major personal issues and the only person with whom she could share her problems was me. With that duration of friendship, any problem in your friend's life's problem becomes your own and vice versa. The time difference between India and California is 13 1/2 hours so when it was night here, there was day time in India. I tried sleeping during day time but her problems, office work and lots of household chores stood before me.

So yesterday when she said that everything was fine at night 2.30, it was a very happy moment for me. When I went to sleep, I took a careful look at my face. Not only it had dark circles but it looked tired and had acne too! It needed some good pampering. THough sometimes I do facial at home but this time I felt lazy. With a mental note to go to parlor the next day, I dozed peacefully till 6. I am not an early riser but do not why I could not sleep. Just then at 10'o clock when I was going to call the parlor, rings the phone and the husband tells me that there is a party in an hour with his friend and his wife and he will pick me up in half an hour. Shocked, I wanted to postpone it for evening but he said that the couple was flying back to Canada this evening so it had to be done today! I looked at my face and wanted to die! I looked weak and my face seemed to be filled with small acne. So I tried looking decent if not good and here are the pictures of how I tried looking "alive". The makeup here is not flawless. Even the snaps are not perfect, I am not a good photographer and I am no expert but it was the best I could do in a few minutes.

snap taken standing near the window. Lot better!!! Maybe there was too much light but I am not complaining.
snap taken standing near the window. Lot better!!! Maybe there was too much light but I am not complaining. | Source
in need of a good sleep.
in need of a good sleep. | Source

That is sleep deprived, tanned me who is filled with acne. It was a big challenge for me to get ready so soon in almost 10-15 minutes.


I applied Clinique moisturizer just before applying makeup and after washing my face.

 Revlon eye pencil (11 Black)
Revlon eye pencil (11 Black) | Source
Clinique line smoothing concealer ( 04 meduim )
Clinique line smoothing concealer ( 04 meduim ) | Source

After that I darkened my eyebrows a bit with Revlon eye pencil (11 Black) and applied concealer. The concealer I used here is Clinique line smoothing concealer ( 04 meduim ).

The concealer was suppose to match my skin but after spending the week in Santa Cruz, I may need some shades darker than my present concealer. Strange my neck is not tanned that much, in fact it is not tanned at all.

the changed look after concealer and foundation.
the changed look after concealer and foundation. | Source
Clinique long last glosswear SPF 15 (13 Fireberry)
Clinique long last glosswear SPF 15 (13 Fireberry) | Source
Clinique quick liner for eyes intense (01 intense black).
Clinique quick liner for eyes intense (01 intense black). | Source
It is Wet n Wild (380B).
It is Wet n Wild (380B). | Source

After applying concealer, comes the turn of foundation. I have used Clinique Even Better Foundation (06 honey MF-G) here.

I did not wanted a bright eye shadow though I was very tempted to use glitters but somehow glitters do not look good in daytime. I applied the eye shadow which I had picked up from CVS. It is Wet n Wild (380B).

Then I used Clinique quick liner for eyes intense (01 intense black).

Lipstick which I used was Clinique long last gloss wear SPF 15 15 (13

I was not keen to use blusher so applied very little, I later found out that the blush is not visible in any snaps. The blusher i used here in Covergirl ( not usre about the shade, its 145 cheekers I guess)

The mascara was purchased from Target. It is Wet n Wild - mega protein mascara.

i was suppose to use face powder but the husband came early and did not wanted to wait for a single second. Though I must admit, my face would had looked much better with the face powder. I had to comb my hair in the car!!!


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    • iefox5 profile image


      6 years ago

      Useful tips for girls, especially for beginners.


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