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Werewolf Tattoos You Can't Ignore

Updated on July 10, 2014

While werewolf tattoos obviously aren't for everyone, if you like fantasy art, it's definitely a compelling theme, even if you aren't the type to have it inked on you.

For those that do enjoy horror, werewolves are among the best in my opinion, as they have that unique feel and look that helps them surpass horror just for the sake of horror.

Werewolves, because they change from human to beast, have always spoken of the fact people have something within that that they have a choice to express.

Of course in mythology people who change to werewolves have no choice once they're bitten, but in real life people understand the battles we must all fight to not only suppress, but rid ourselves of that which is so demonstrably harmful to ourselves and others.

Werewolves are a testimony to that inner battle, and tattoos of the beast reveal those who aren't able to fight the battle alone.

Besides that, the artwork of werewolves can be fantastic, as the subject matter lends itself to creativity.

Starting off the werewolf tattoos, I though we could keep with the theme of the introduction in showing people who can be transformed into that which they battle against. This tattoo is pretty compelling from that point of view, and of course reveals the mythical transformation the human goes through when changing into the beast.

Transformational Werewolf

Ripping the flesh tattoos are always interesting, although not my particular style. But even this werewolf claw emerging from the flesh, and having a cartoonish look, it's still pretty well done for what it was meant to convey.

Werewolf Claw Tattoo

Here's a different look at a werewolf ripping the flesh, and this one has a more sinister look, as the head of the beast attempt to break out.

Werewolf Ripping the Flesh Tattoo

What I like about this particular tattoo is the way the werewolf is walking through the water. You get the feel of it silently gliding while looking for its prey.

Werewolf Tattoo on Shoulder, Arm

This is a tremendous image of a werewolf, as it portrays all that emerges from the transformation from a human being. It's captured in its essence here, and is extremely powerful.

Great Werewolf Tattoo

This werewolf tattoo was included because of the way the red was used in the artwork. Not one to like color in a tattoo, especially red which can very easily and usually become too loud, it works in the case of this werewolf, and works well.

Now here's another werewolf tattoo including color, this time a full back tattoo with a lot of blue in it. There is also what appears to be a story being told, and the overall scene is very compelling to me.

Full Back Color Werewolf Tattoo

If nothing else, this is a great piece of art. It's an amazing image, even if you don't like the theme or subject matter itself. What extraordinary attention to detail and capturing of the werewolf with ink.

Amazing Full Back Color Tattoo

This is an amazing array of werewolf tattoos in my opinion, and from generation to generation, it seems the popularity of the theme never goes away, as mentioned, probably because we all relate to ourselves or others who fight inner demons attempting to get out; sometimes unsuccessfully.


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      Very artistic.