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Natural Beauty With Almond Oil

Updated on May 15, 2011

The sweet almond oil comes from the almond tree.This is mainly produced in the country of Spain, like the olive oil. Almond oil can give good benefits to the inside of our body. We can use it for example to help our digestive system because it works as a laxative and besides this also is an anti-inflammatory that helps with swollen organs in our body. But this attribute also can benefit us on the outside of our body. Almond oil is often used to give body massages. This rich oil makes our muscles relax and give us a feeling of tranquility through all our body. Let's see what other benefits we can get from the sweet almond oil.

Lets Be Beautiful With Almond Oil

  1. Almond oil provides moisture to our skin.
  2. It helps to remove wrinkles as well as stretch marks.
  3. Reduce swelling in the skin.
  4. It is ideal to dilute essential oils.
  5. Adds shine and softness to the hair.
  6. Repair damages by hair dyes or chemical processes.

Sweet Almond Oil Tips

We can make a natural mix rich in vitamins and minerals that we can use in the whole body and face. Even in the hair!


  • Just take a portion of unrefined shea butter, add a little sweet almond oil and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix well to form a cream. This cream will be applied on the body after bathing, specially in the most dry, wrinkled or cracked areas. You will see and feel the results.


  • For hair simply apply the cream throughout the hair before you take a shower. Wrap hair with a damp warm towel. Cover the head with a shower cap.Leave the mixture on 20 minutes or more. The longer you leave it the better.Then rinse in the shower and apply your shampoo and conditioner as usual. This mask should be repeated once every week to completely regain your hair's shine and softness.

Lets Choose Natural Products!

I am really impress with the amount of excellent natural resources we can include in our beauty daily routine. The more I search the more products I find. The most I like is that these products don't have artificial additives or any harmful chemical that can put our health in risk. how many of your had buy a product putting the highest expectations on it and at the end the results were worse than you thought? Well,it used to happened to me, not once but a hundred times.That's why I've been looking for more pure and natural options. A product that I really could put all my trust without being blind testing. I am pretty sure that many of you also would prefer natural stuff for your beauty. Well, for those girls, I hope you enjoy this information.


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      7 years ago

      Nice hub. I always have loved to eat almonds as snacks. very healthy!


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