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Nicki Minaj Stirs Up the Heat at American Idol

Updated on June 23, 2013
Nicki Minaj Elle April 2013 Cover Fashion Shoot
Nicki Minaj Elle April 2013 Cover Fashion Shoot | Source

As always, there is a stir brewing on the set of American Idol with Nicki Minaj at the center. Idol fans were all in a tizzy over the controversial star’s revealing outfit worn on the Idol stage in April 17th’s episode. The newest Idol judge donned a low cut, figure hugging mini skirt that revealed tons of cleavage during the primetime show that often attracts millions of viewers, most of which are families and young children.

Twitter was set ablaze with feedback on the sexy rapper/singer’s flame red skintight number, though not all of the comments were in praise of her ensemble. @Hannahjrobb chimed in with “I know it’s bad that I was watching idol, but you should Google nicki minaj’s outfit on tonights show, because she looked like an idiot” while @tiffany_4prez stated “Nicki minaj’s outfit is very stripper like #idol #lapdance.”

While the always fashion-forward “Super Bass” performer is well known for her outlandish, flamboyant, and overly sexy style, many question the taste level involved in her choice of wardrobe for the hit-maker reality TV show. Many viewers deemed the Jessica Rabbit-esqe outfit as inappropriate. Recent reports indicated that the rapper/singer fired her team of stylists in an attempt to overhaul and revamp her image, a decision that many applauded after seeing her new, understated, and toned-down look featured on the April 2013 issue cover of Elle magazine. However this recent fashion risk may require that she go back to the drawing board.


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