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Swimsuit Styles for Every Shape

Updated on June 23, 2013

As warmer weather approaches swimsuit season is upon us! For those of us who aren’t built like runway models, that could mean many awkward trips to the fitting room to find the right swimsuit that complements our figure.

For brave souls, it means finding the right bikini top and bottom to catch plenty of rays. For those not-so-brave souls it could also mean finding the right sarong to disguise some less flattering features. Either way, several swimsuit styles are featured below to help flatter any figure type to keep you looking hot on the beach or poolside!

Pear Shape

The pear shape is characterized by figures that have a small bust with a fuller bottom like Beyonce. To help balance proportions try adding texture on top while showing lots of leg. This will help to draw the eye upward to balance out the bottom.

Full Figured

Plus size figures have larger bust lines and hips with a fuller midsection like Amber Riley. The best swimsuits for this type of figure offer support on top and a bit of tummy control to help slim the waistline for a more streamlined silhouette. Look for styles with ruched detailing and pretty accents.


Petite figures are generally under 5’3” with small bone structure like Lucy Liu. These body types should try more adventurous styles and patterns like sexy monokinis to add more dimension to their smaller frames.


Curvy girls most often have ample bosoms and hips with smaller waists like Kim Kardashian (pre-baby of course). The best types of swimsuits for an hourglass shape are those that provide more support for the bust while drawing the eye with bold color and ornaments.


Boyish body types are very athletic, toned, lean, and are usually straight up and down like Cameron Diaz. Adding more feminine details, like draping or a sweet heart neckline, and voluminous patterns can create the illusion of soft curves.

It may help to keep these tips in mind during your search for the perfect swimsuit. Whatever your body type you’ll be sure to look great while having fun in the sun!

Feel free to leave your comments below about your personal swimwear style or helpful tips, I'll be sure to respond : )


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