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Puzzle Rings

Updated on August 12, 2013

We’ve probably all seen puzzle rings. They are rings made up of four to twelve interconnected rings of metal, often resembling a pretzel or a knot. Sometimes the rings consist only of gold, silver, or platinum bands, and sometimes they are set with precious or semi-precious stones. Those of you in the market for a puzzle ring know how very beautiful they can be, especially as a gift for a friend, relative, or, very likely, a fiancé.

But what are puzzle rings for, and why are they made? According to legend, long ago, a Turkish nobleman had a wife that he wished to keep faithful while he was away on state business. He had a jeweler fashion a ring for him to give to his wife that would fall into pieces if she ever took it off. The ring would be so hard to put back together that the wife would not be able to figure out the puzzle.

While puzzle rings separating is still part of the modern puzzle ring, today’s world often give these rings as a sign of love, whether between those who will marry, between good friends, or even as a sign of love between a parent and a son or daughter. These rings are a reminder to keep the bond of love and friendship forever strong. Puzzle rings are thus made in a huge number of styles and of different metals and stones for every person and every purpose.

Types of Puzzle Ring

Puzzle rings range from the simple and very elegant to the extremes of ornate. Some rings consist of a few bands of gold or silver twisted together and set with a single ruby, emerald, or sapphire. These rings are often preferred as wedding or engagement rings. Puzzle rings for men often have heavier bands and can at times consist of a few different types of metal intertwined, gold and platinum, for example.

For some, puzzle rings have a mythological flair, and they wear these rings as symbols of Celtic myths and heroes, or to recall the days of knights and damsels and the jousts of Renaissance fairs and role playing games.

Puzzle Ring Solutions

Many puzzle rings made today are fashioned in a way that the separate bands do not come apart easily or at all. These rings are made for their symbolic nods towards love and fidelity and are not still in essence puzzles. On the other hand, some puzzle rings are still very much puzzles, and once you take them apart, you may have a hard time getting them together again! Luckily, it's not too hard to find a puzzle ring solution online.

Although each puzzle ring is fashioned a little bit differently from all the rest and may have a somewhat different solution, there are some key similarities among many rings. So if you're wondering "how do I put together my puzzle ring", there are several websites that offer instructions on putting a puzzle ring back together again. One of these websites for how to put a puzzle ring back together is puzzle ring maker Norman Greene's site, which are found in the form of puzzle ring instructions. Be warned, though, that even if these websites can tell you step by step puzzle ring solutions to help you put your ring back together, they can’t guarantee they will put your relationship back together!

History of Puzzle Rings

You will recall that the legend behind puzzle rings states that it was a Turkish nobleman who came up with the idea to keep his wife faithful. However, the fact that puzzle rings are often called Turkish rings is a bit odd, considering that Turkish people rarely wear these rings! Some speculate that puzzle rings were made by Turkish artisans to sell to Westerners, perhaps the men and women of American military bases in Turkey.

Other sources say that puzzle rings were developed from “gimmal” rings. Gimmal in Latin means “twin,” and these rings, like later puzzle rings, were fashioned from separate interweaving bands of gold or silver. These rings were popular in the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe and were used as symbols of betrothal. The idea behind them was similar to that of puzzle rings—ensuring the fidelity of a future bride or groom. Talk about your fidelity puzzles!

Puzzle Rings for Sale

There are a number of places to buy puzzle rings online. One of the largest selections of rings can be found at the Puzzle Ring Store at The Puzzle Ring Store has rings in every conceivable style, using gold, silver, and platinum, for men and women, those set with precious and semi-precious stones, and incorporating from 2 to 12 separate bands. There are even puzzle rings that come ready for you to set whatever stone you desire. You might want to consider a yellow diamond in a puzzle ring setting. Also, while you might think the only available kind are puzzle rings are for women, it isn't hard to find puzzle rings for men if you peruse the websites, as many puzzle rings are made with thick bands meant for men.

Puzzle Rings by Pepi focus their attention on rings of a mythological nature. Here you will find rings in the style of Celtic knots and rings that recall the gimmal rings of the Renaissance. In fact, Pepi’s sells many of its rings at Renaissance Festivals held throughout the country, although their rings are also available on their website.

Puzzle Rings Mean Love

Whatever your favorite style of puzzle ring and for whatever occasion or person you are purchasing one, puzzle rings are a perfect way to express your feelings for that special someone. Throughout history, these rings have stood for faithfulness and dedication, for love and friendship, for a special bond between two people. Puzzle rings mean love.


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