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Reasons Why People Get Eyelash Implants

Updated on January 23, 2010

There are several reasons why people get eyelash implants. Eyelashes help to frame the face and along with the eyebrows, they act as a barrier which helps to protect the eye from any foreign matter that could fall into them.

There are some people who do not have a set that they are completely happy with for one reason or another.

There is now a way to improve the appearance of the eyes and that is to go through eyelash surgery. This will add or replace lashes to areas that are bare.

The work is carried out by a surgeon and can be invasive but people who choose to go through with it do so for several reasons.

Victim Of An Accident

If you have been the victim of a terrible accident where you suffered from singed eyebrows and eyelashes, it is possible to get work done to replace them. The process could help you to return to the way you previously looked.

Increase Eyelash Volume

If you have very fine eyelash hair, you may wish to have a thicker more pronounced set. Getting eyelash implants could be the solution for you.

Eyelash implants can enhance your eyes
Eyelash implants can enhance your eyes
Photo credit: Laenulfean 

Loss Due To Illness

There are some illnesses that can cause extreme trauma to the body and affect hair growth. The result could mean the loss of hair from different parts of the body.

For some people this can manifest itself in the loss of facial hair. Treatment that you may have to undergo can also affect hair loss. This can be the case for some people after they have gone through chemo treatment.

Is An Eyelash Implant The Right Thing For You?

If you feel that you have a valid reason to get this work done, you must make sure that you understand what will be involved. It is certainly not a cheap or easy option to choose and you will feel some level of pain due to the nature of the surgery and the area that is worked on.

Find out as much as you can before you go ahead. If you know deep in your heart that this really could change your life for the better, get better informed by doing some research and making an appointment to discuss the matter further with a specialist.

If after looking at this option you decide that the cost of eyelash implants is indeed too expensive or you realise that you might not need to take such drastic actions, you could look at alternative ways to improve your features. You consider purchasing false eyelashes instead.


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  • Tiptopcat profile image

    Victoria Virgo 8 years ago from London, UK

    @pepperlyn76 - if you have the money and believe this will really improve your look and self esteem, then go for it.

  • pepperlynn76 profile image

    pepperlynn76 8 years ago from California

    I would consider this procedure! I have always hated my eyelashes for being so short and not very full looking. I have to use a crap load of mascara to make them look decent. lol