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The Process Of Getting An Eyelash Transplant

Updated on January 23, 2010

If you are looking at ways to improve your physical appearance, you may be interested to find out about the process of getting an eyelash transplant. This type of cosmetic procedure will replace eyelashes that have been lost due to trauma, a birth deficiency or an accident.

The process does take some commitment and is not cheap but it is very effective and will give you the desired full lash effect that will last a lifetime.

Gather Suitable Hair

The first thing that needs to be done is to find suitable hair to use for the implant. The hair will usually be taken from areas of your body where it grows softer and finer. The hair needs to resemble that of normal lashes so it can’t be too thick. This is usually taken from behind the ear area or upper thigh region.

A strip of skin containing hair follicles will be harvested and each hair will be separated and prepared for its new home in the eyelid area.  This is indeed a delicate procedure as the surgeon implants each hair into the line of the lid.

An eyelash implant could transform your face
An eyelash implant could transform your face

Photo credit:Laenulfean

Let The Surgeon Work His Magic

The work will take up to three hours to complete so you have to be patient.  It can be a little nerve wracking having implements so close to your eyes and your natural reaction will be to close your eyes for protection.  However due to the nature of this work, you will be put under anaesthetic so you will not have to witness the saga.  Your surgeon should have explained the procedure thoroughly beforehand in order to allay your fears.

Once the eyelash transplant is complete you may suffer from some level of swelling.  This is natural due to all the activities around the area of the eye with all the prodding and poking going on to put each hair in place.  Your doctor will inform you of the daily cleansing routine that you will need to carry out. 

Look After Your New Eyelashes

As your new eyelashes have been formed using hair from your head or another part of your body, you will find that it grows at a faster rate than normal eyelashes would. This means that it will be necessary for you to trim them every so often. If you do not trust yourself to do this, you can always make an appointment at your local beauty parlour where they will be happy to assist you.

It will take some time for your new eyelashes to settle into place. When the hair reaches the end of its life cycle it will fall out and be replenished.

The complete procedure may cause you a little discomfort and it will take a while to see the end results but you are sure to be happy with the outcome.


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  • rb11 profile image

    rb11 8 years ago from Las Vegas

    This never even crossed my mind, but now that you have written of it I guess with all the technology these days why not. Good Hub