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Reasons why beards look good on men: Why you should have a beard

Updated on October 31, 2013

Should I have a beard? Do beards look good on men? Do women find guys with a stubble attractive? Are trimmed beards the new male fashion statement? Does facial hair make men look manly and tough? Should baby faced guys grow a beard to look older? Are girls attracted to guys who have facial hair? Find all these answers and much more as this post discusses some of the most compelling reasons why beards look good on men and why you should have one too.

Do you still need more reasons why men should have beards?
Do you still need more reasons why men should have beards?

1) The bearded look is in: Many celebrities sport beards

Ben Affleck, Ashton Kutcher, Bradley Cooper, Robert Pattinson and George Clooney are some of the most handsome guys in tinsel town who have been spotted sporting handsome beards. With the Hollywood hunks embracing facial hair, beards have become fashionable and trendy.

Guys who relate their personalities to some of these celebrities can try to carry off a beard just like them. After all, who doesn't want to look as hunky as the charming Bradley Cooper or put up an image of success just like Ben Affleck holding up his Oscar trophy.

2) Beards are cool and trending

Beards add a whole new aspect to a guy's personality and there is little denying that facial hair looks really cool if it is pulled off in the right way. There is something bafflingly cool about a man with a beard.

Whether it is a full beard for a hipster look, raw stubble for a rebellious look or a finely trimmed one for the gentlemanly charm, beards are trending and uber cool.

3) Beards give men the option to play around with their looks with accessories

Another reason that makes beards cool is that facial hair gives men the option to completely overhaul their image with accessories. For example, a guy can totally change his boyish looks by experimenting with different types of sunglasses over a light and trimmed beard.

With makeup and jewelry, women have many options when it comes to changing looks and accessories. Beards give men a new dimension from a fashion perspective and give them a chance to change looks from time to time.

A neat and well groomed beard can make a guy look more handsome than he is.
A neat and well groomed beard can make a guy look more handsome than he is. | Source

4) A well groomed stubble or beard looks attractive

A beard can go horribly wrong if it is unkempt, unless of course you are a one of the Robertsons of Duck Dynasty. On the other hand, a nicely trimmed beard or a rough stubble can make a handsome man look even more attractive.

The trick to having a beard without looking messy is to trim and groom it regularly. Men who have chiseled features can add the finishing touches to their raw masculinity with some well managed facial hair.

5) Having a beard means guys don't need to shave every day

Shaving is a tedious activity. It takes away at least fifteen minutes every day and leaves a guy with cuts and blisters. Burning aftershaves don't help either.

Most men hate to shave but have no choice because a beard may not be suited for work. If having a beard becomes a permanent part of a guy's look, he will never need to shave again.

Guys who are tired of putting a blade to their skin every day can opt out of this by having a neat beard. Trimming and clipping will be required from time to time, but a good quality trimmer usually ensures that the process is quick and pain free.

6) Beards add a heavy touch of masculinity to a guy's look

A common reason why many guys like to have beards is that facial hair adds a heavy touch of masculinity to their looks. Regardless of whether it is a full grown beard or a nicely trimmed stubble, facial hair in any form makes guys look manlier.

This is a common perception worldwide and is not limited to a particular country or culture. Beards and masculinity go hand in hand.

Tired of your baby face? Then stop shaving and grow a manly stubble.
Tired of your baby face? Then stop shaving and grow a manly stubble.

7) Beards make young guys look older: Perfect for baby faced guys

Beards add many years to a young guy's age, making it a perfect solution for baby faced guys. Along with age, beards also add a touch of maturity.

While there is nothing wrong with having a baby face, many guys feel less confident knowing that they look younger than what they really are. A beard in the form of a heavy stubble can be an easy fix to look handsome and overcome self-confidence issues at the same time.

8) Beards enhance an artist's look: Standing out from the crowd

Apart from masculinity and toughness, beards also have the potential to make an artist look more artsy. Some people may dismiss this off as wannabe behavior, but it is hard to deny that a beard adds a unique touch to an artist's personality.

Even a guy who is an amateur art connoisseur and wants to channel the inner artist in his personality can overhaul his personality with a beard. From an artistic perspective, facial hair is all about expressing yourself and setting yourself apart from the cleanly shaven nine to five herd.

9) Beards signify freedom

Having a beard is often seen as a sign of freedom. It represents freedom from shackles of the stereotype cleanly shaven look that is considered to be most appropriate for corporate work culture.

Beards may be seen as a silent form of rebellion against the traditionally accepted norm that nice guys are supposed to have only cleanly shaven looks.

10) A beard is easy to maintain: All you need is a good facial hair trimmer

For all the guys who think that beards are difficult to maintain, it is actually the opposite. A facial hair trimmer is all a man needs to sustain his macho bearded look.

From Braun to Remington to Wahl, facial hair trimmers can be bought for less than $50 online on shopping portals like Men who can relate to a metrosexual personality can even indulge by buying a complete set which includes trimmers and different pieces for adjusting hair length, style and much more.

11) Beards help in hiding emotions and expressions

Beards are awesome at hiding expressions. Even the smallest of smiles may be a giveaway of what a guy is thinking but a beard will hide it to perfection.

Guys who want to go incognito with their expressions should consider having a beard. It is the perfect facade to hide emotions.

12) Beards can make a guy look mean: Guys with beards are not often messed with

Without doubt, beards can make a guy look mean and strong. The raw appeal of facial hair makes a guy look tougher than he really is. This is why people who have beards, especially the big fuzzy ones, are not often messed with.

Even guys with an overgrown stubble look meaner than their cleanly shaven selves.

13) Having beard and facial hair is a way of life

Stereotype personalities are associated with hairstyles like the Ivy League, Mohawk, Quiff, Slicked-back, Cornrows, Spikes, etc. Beards are also a way of life and represent a guy's personality.

Most guys who have had beards for many years will say that their facial hair is not a style statement, rather an expression of their inner personalities. Whether it is a raw Stubble, Chinstrap, Soul Patch or a Goatee - beards have always been a representation of mood, fashion and culture.


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    • EuroNinila profile image

      Fotinoula Gypsyy 4 years ago from NYC BABY

      Yes! Beards for the win! :)

    • KoraleeP profile image

      Koralee Phillips 4 years ago from Penticton British Columbia Canada

      Great Hub, and very convincing. I've never been a fan of the beard, but you make some very good points. I really like your example photos at the beginning of your hub. Although they're attractive men to begin with , their beard does add character. As long as its well trimmed, and not too long.

      It is also compelling for men to give a beard a try. I know how annoying having to shave every day is for them, and I'm sure there a lot of men with baby faces who are frustrated.

      I'm sharing it with my Twitter followers and personal Facebook, I have a cousin who would really enjoy your Hub.