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Red Coral Jewelry at Discount Prices

Updated on March 14, 2011

fire coral jewelry

Coral jewelry is going to be all the rage this spring and summer! It’s the hot new color, and you’re going to be seeing it everywhere – in coral necklaces, coral pendants, coral rings, coral bracelets, and coral earrings. Sometimes it will be combined with turquoise, gold, silver, or pearls. Any of these items would make a great Valentine's gift!

What is this coral gemstone, anyway? Coral used for making jewelry is called “precious coral.” It ranges in color from bright red, which is often called “fire coral,” to salmon to pale pink. The precious coral is actually the exoskeletons of marine corals. Coral gemstones are most often made from the species Corallium rubrum, although others are sometimes used.

In its natural form, coral has a matte finish, but it can be polished to an intense shine. Man has been fascinated with its beauty for eons. It’s even been found in ancient Egyptian burial sites, and several ancient cultures believed the coral held mystical properties. Over the centuries, coral has been used for good luck in battles, as a charm against evil, as a cure for wounds, and to protect children.

Red coral or fire coral makes several appearances in Greek mythology, as well. The Greeks even offer us a story that explains the origin of red coral: When Perseus cut off Medusa’s head, her blood drained into the sea and turned the seaweed into red coral. Also, Poseidon, god of the sea, had an underwater palace made of red coral. In another tale, we learn that the craftsman of the gods, Hephaestus, often fashioned articles from red coral.

Of course, most people today don’t wear coral because of its supposed magical properties. We like because it’s a natural substance, because it’s relatively rare, and because it’s beautiful! My favorites are the chunky coral nuggets!

If you’re an avid jewelry shopper, you know that authentic coral jewelry can be very expensive. Of course, imitation coral jewelry and beads are pretty cheap, but they’re not the same quality as the real thing.

Natural stone jewelry made with coral stones can be found online. Selections include turquoise coral jewelry, red coral jewelry, pink coral jewelry, coral silver jewelry, gold coral jewelry, coral silver jewelry, and carved coral jewelry. You’ll find just about anything you’re looking for. Best of all, the prices are much lower than you’ll find in a typical boutique or high-end department store. If you're shopping for Valentine's Day gifts, hurry!

Check out the selections below. You can see lots more coral jewelry by clicking on the products pictured.

For more great jewelry, click on the articles below the fire coral jewelry.

Red coral jewelry is great for Valentine's Day!
Red coral jewelry is great for Valentine's Day!

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