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September Birthstones from Traditional Choices to Non-Traditional Options

Updated on February 5, 2013
Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
Sapphire and Diamond Necklace | Source
Sapphire Ring
Sapphire Ring | Source

Why We Have Birthstones

When a child is born it is a traditional gesture to give birthstones and birthstone jewelry to the new born child for a gift and to continue to give birthstone embedded gifts for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries for years to come. The tradition goes back many hundreds of years and the idea for birthstones may have come directly from the bible.

The breast plate of Aaron was adorned with twelve gems or stones. The stones were attached to the breast plate to represent each of the twelve tribes of Israel. The twelve stones also are symbolic of the twelve zodiac signs. So birthstones can be by birth month or birth zodiac sign. There are traditional birthstones, Ayurvedic birthstones, mystical and zodiac birthstones. Each stone has different properties.Some say certain stones have healing powers, can ward of evil and influence the chakras.

Besides having an assortment of birthstones per month or zodiac sign, we also have a guardian angel based on our birth date. The guardian angel also has a gem or stone that is his assigned talisman. The guardian angel assigned to your month is there to protect you and offer his strengths and influence to you.

In ancient times, people wore the birthstones depending on the ascendancy of a zodiac sign and it was common to wear more than one birthstone. Modern times changed that. Stones that were of a birth month were only worn starting from influence of Polish gem traders in the 16th century. Ayurvedic tradition used birthstones to heal and protect the wearer.

Modern birthstones were assigned to the months by the jeweler's association. They chose stones based on the commercial availability of the stone.

Birthstones for September

The traditional September birthstone is sapphire, the mystical is agate and the Ayurvedic is the moonstone. September"s guardian angel is Uriel sometimes called Zuriel. Uriel is the minister of peace and the ruler of the sign of Libra. He is said to confront souls who have strayed the spiritual path. He is also known to cure stupidity in human beings. Uriel's stone talisman is the zircon. The zircon is a a stone that aids in sleep, brings prosperity and wisdom and promote honor. It is often confused with the man-made stone cubic zirconia.


The traditional modern birthstone for September is the sapphire. A sapphire is the second hardest gem on earth.The diamond is the hardest. Sapphires is a corundum and so is the ruby. The difference is their color. The sapphire represents wisdom, faith and loyalty. Ancient peoples thought the sapphire to protect against poisoning and envy. It is the stone of kings and royalty have cherished the sapphire for centuries. Sapphires powers include spiritual enlightenment. The sapphire is believed to have healing properties aiding in rheumatism, colic, and mental illness. It is considered an antidepressant and an aid telepathy, clairvoyance and astral projection.


The mystical birthstone is the agate. The Egyptians used agates before 3000 B.C. for use in talismans, amulets, rings, seals and ornamental vessels. Agate occurs in many colors including black, gray, brown, red, green, pink, blue, and yellow. The colors range from transparent to opaque. Ancient civilizations believed that wearing of an agate would make them invisible and help to protect them from danger. While farmers used agate to ensure bountiful crops. The Romans wore the agate to honor the gods. Healing properties include the ability to cure inflammation, improve hearing, improve memory, improve sore throats, increase vitality and relieve headaches.


Moonstone belongs to the family of feldspar. Romans used the stone in their jewelry and believed it contained the light of the moon. It was believed that if you held a moonstone in your mouth during a full moon that you could tell the future. It brings good fortune and balances Yin and Yang. For healing, moonstone promotes digestion, is said to protect against epilepsy, calms emotions, it also cure headaches and possibly nose bleeds. A moonstone protects against sun stroke.

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