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How to Stand Out Like a Fairytale Princess on Senior Prom Night

Updated on August 25, 2015

Senior Prom Night – that magical time of your high school year, if you are a young woman. It is something many young women have looked forward to since they started high school. Senior Prom, is a time when they want to look and feel like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and any or all of those wonderful Fairytale princesses.

While a birthday or other special event may traditionally mark the revolution from childhood to young womanhood, for many women it is not these. What marks this special moment of their lives is the senior prom. This is the first time they can spread their wings, abandoning the “little girl look” for something more sophisticated and glamorous. This is a time for elegance and grace – something only achieved after several weeks and even months of planning every last detail. The little girl must look perfect.

For those who are emerging as women, the most important item on the agenda is finding the ideal prom dress. It must be unique, elegant, sophisticated and graceful. Unless the parents are able to afford the expense of a one-off designer couturier outfit, they have to find some other ways to ensure their daughter is the Belle of the Ball. No fashion faux pas, such as duplicate dresses must mar the night. While close friends avoid this easily, it is not feasible to compare notes with the entire school.

The cost of a one-time gown can be horrendous. Not all parents can afford this expense. Parents are caught between affordability and the desire to make their daughter appear unique and outstanding. They do not want their little girl suffering from embarrassment of appearing in the same dress as another girl. Yet, how can a parent justify spending large amounts on a highly disposable commodity when other economic issues are more pressing?

One easy and financially viable way of fashioning a style that is classy, luxurious, elegantly mature and completely unique is to first purchase a less costly and simple dress. You then dress it up using a lavish hand-painted silk shawl or scarf. If you purchase a 100% original, hand-dyed and painted silk scarf, you are also buying a wearable work of art. These gorgeous, lengthy, sinuous accessories add a touch of class and sophistication while creating a new look. As a result, even if the dress is one other girls happen to wear, this will pass unnoticed. The addition of the scarf or shawl will create the illusion of an entirely different dress. If anyone does happen to notice, the girl with the silk scarf will look far superior and more original.

If your parents are able to afford an original gown for Senior Prom, a sumptuousness handmade silk shawl or scarf adds its own statement. This practical accessory provides a unique touch. Even if the young girl simply drapes it casually across her shoulders, the soft silk fabric not only looks eye-catching, but also offers extra warmth if the night grows chilly.

Silk is ideal for any girl who wants to go to the prom. It is perfect from its silken feel to its luxurious appearance. Simply wearing it can make any young girl feel special. With a variety of amazing designs able to create and/or enhance a unique look and fashion statement, silk scarves and shawls can make anyone’s dream of becoming a Fairy Princess come true.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      A wonderful advice and great hub.