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Silk Scarves - Ideal Accessories for that Special Date

Updated on August 24, 2015

You finally scored a date with the man of your dreams. What on earth are you going to wear? You know first impressions are the ones that remain. You can shake down your entire closet for “the” right thing to wear and still be unsatisfied. You need to be casual, smart, not too sexy, but attractive and, oh yeah, something that says who you are.

Whatever you do, do not overdress. You need to keep it simple. The less “bling” the better. You do not want to scare him away on your first date. Try this approach. Take a simple piece of clothing and add color and style without overdoing it. How? Use silk scarves and shawls. These elegant accessories are the perfect way to dress up any simple outfit including a one-piece dress, skirt or jeans. You will feel feminine and relax, confident you look good.

  Silk scarves and shawls are an excellent way to add color and style to even the simplest dress, skirt or pants and provide the added advantage that they look wonderfully feminine and sophisticated.

Conceal Or Reveal

Besides dressing up a simple or plain outfit, scarves have other benefits. These sensuous fabrics can either accentuate or draw attention away from certain parts of your anatomy. Draping them appropriately will help your body show itself off to your advantage on this all-important first date. For instance, if you tie a scarf below your bust line on a simple dress, you create an Empire waistline. This is helpful if you have large hips. The focus will be on your bust. However, if you want to detract attention from the size of your breast, tie a scarf around your waist. This will also help to emphasize the tininess of your waist. The same scarf, draped or tied around a long slender neck will look most becoming.

The Question Of Skin Exposure

When it comes to revealing your skin, too much may be too much. At the same time, you do not wish to look prudish. A dress that has the potential of leaving you “over-exposed” can benefit from a cover up. Loosely drape an elegant hand-painted shawl or hand-dyed scarf over the shoulders. Tie it loosely so you can manipulate the amount of breasts and shoulders you wish to reveal. If you feel comfortable and it seems appropriate, let the shawl slip slowly down revealing just a provocative glimpse.

Keeping Your Cool

You are nervous. When you are, you perspire. No matter what anti-perspiration deodorant you apply, this tends to happen. How do you avoid the unpleasantness and embarrassment of this happening on your date? One way is to wear silk. One of the basic properties of silk is to pull moisture away from your sweating body. It does so without your date being aware of it. As a result, you remain cool and collected, an exquisite shawl draped over your shoulders.

Silk shawls and scarves truly are amazing and versatile. They are far from being frivolous accessories. They are a unique fabric that allows you to remain cool, calm and elegant while making your own fashion statement. With so many designs and patterns from which to choose, finding one to suit your own taste is simple, finding one to win your date over is never going to be a difficult task.

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      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      They are so beautiful. No wonder silk is so much desired.