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Homemade Face and Hair Masks , Why Bother?

Updated on January 12, 2012

If the skin masks use foods we eat why bother with their preparation, applying to the skin and then cleaning them off. If it is their content of nutrients, vitamins and phytochemicals, then we ingest them and they are already distributed to every part of our bodies including the skin.

The reason why skin masks are important to our skin can be concluded after the discussion of the following facts, concerning the nature and location of the skin:

- The outermost layers of the skin are dead cells that are subject to physical treatments like removing hair and scrubbing the skin. These means can be substituted with skin masks.
- Nutrients, Vitamins, and phyto-chemicals are distributed to every inch of the skin in minute amounts, and we may need to apply far larger amounts to a certain area of the skin through skin masks.
- Some ingredients are more safe when applied to the skin, than if they are ingested
- Some unwanted effects are caused by environmental aggression, and some skin masks defend the skin against that aggression
- Skin masks let you involve planned complementary ingredients than may not be supplied by foods
- Some ingredients of skin masks should come in direct contact with the skin like in, moisturizing or exfoliation
- Most hair treatments should be local like, hair split ends or dandruff treatment

You may think that there are easy to use products that consider all the discussed topics, nevertheless you should bear in mind that skin masks have the following advantages over the manufactured products:

- They cost next to nothing. 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 tablespoon of milk make your skin mask. Others are made from fruits and vegetables in your fridge.
- They are always available. You may find them in your kitchen cabinet or your fridge.
- They are made from foods you eat and know well, also they save you from applying petroleum derivatives, preservatives and emulsifying agents.
- You benefit from the distilled experience of all humans on planet earth, thus you make sure of what is effective and safe.
- They can do wonders.
- Many manufacturers realized their indispensable value, they include them in their products but through an industrial process you can avoid by making them at home
- They are versatile, with a little fine tuning
- They give you the chance to elaborate your own way to a permanent beauty

Explore Skin Masks for Yourself

Skin masks are natural homemade recipes that can be applied to face, neck, body or hair. The following masks are examples of different masks that you can go through to recognize how can you make nature at the service of your own beauty Homemade Skin Masks for Face

Top 10 Homemade Facial Masks

Here is how to rank facial masks, best ingredients for your skin, easy to use facial skin mask, facial skin mask in your teens and 20s, facial skin mask in your 30s, facial skin mask in your 40s, facial skin mask in your 50s, facial mask to smooth the skin, facial mask to refresh the skin, facial mask to smooth the skin, facial mask to tone the skin, facial mask to protect skin from sun, facial mask to moisturize the skin, and facial mask for under-eye skin.

Best Acne Face Masks at Home

Here are skin masks for black heads, white heads, for pimples, for acne of all skin types, for acne of normal skin, for acne of oily skin, for acne of combination skin, and for acne prevention and treatment.

Apple for Acne

Skin face masks for acne using apple. There are apple skin masks for black heads, white heads, pimples, and for acne ridden skin.

Tea Tree for Acne

How to use Tea Tree Oil to make masks for acne. Here are masks of tea tree oil combined with yogurt, green clay, Aloe vera, and Avocado for prevention and treatment of acne.

Wonderful homemade Face Masks in Your 30s

Skin Masks for your face at the beginning of its declining stage. There are also skin masks for freckles and for lightening skin color, and skin masks for different skin types.

Wonderful Homemade Face Masks in Your 40s - Wrinkle Masks

Here skin masks are divided to involve those for early, mid, and late 40's. There are also a mask for eye, as well as refreshing and moisturizing face skin masks.

Homemade Anti-Wrinkle Magic Masks

Here are anti-wrinkle masks that are based on the latest scientific findings. There are anti-wrinkle facial masks, anti-wrinkle moisturizing mask, anti-wrinkle refreshing mask, and anti-wrinkle mask for sun protection.

Get Rid of Freckles

Here are some masks for freckles like Parsley mask and Onion mask. There are also other ways to get rid of freckles.

Lemon Juice Skin Masks

How to use Lemon for different skin masks. Here are Lemon juice skin Masks for cleansing, exfoliation, as well as for different skin types, hands, feet, nails, and armpit.

Sunburn Remedies at Home

Skin masks to treat sun burn and peeling skin. They include yogurt and honey, Chamomile, lavender and yogurt, Tea tree and Aloe vera oils, Cucumber and Aloe vera gel, Chamomile and black Tea skin masks.

Homemade Skin Masks for Hair

Best Hair Masks

Here are masks for different hair types, split ends hairs, falling, thin, curling hairs, as well as a mask for dandruff. They use many natural ingredients.

Olive Oil in Hair

The wonderful benefits of applying olive oil to hair and how to use it to make hair masks to impart many good traits to hair.

Dandruff Home Remedy

How to use Fenugreek seeds, chamomile flowers, Sage flowers, Peppermint, Thyme, Rosemary, Lemon, and Vinegar to make hair skin masks to get rid of dandruff.

How to Use Oils in Skin Masks This hub details the properties of individual oils and their benefits to skin. You may choose the convenient oil of your mask according to the purpose of that mask.

A final word: as we detailed here skin masks are the cumulative experience of humans, the more the versification of insights the more the benefits we gain, if you are interested in the topic and you like the hub, please thumb it up in Stumbleupon to get more skin masks.


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