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Skin-care and Makeup Tips for Summers

Updated on January 29, 2015

With summers dawning on, looking beautiful and glamorous definitely requires a change in your beauty and makeup regime. I've seen many of my friends who prefer to stay indoors all day and wait for the sun set before turning on the spotlight. So, I thought of writing this hub to help you get the glow this summer, turn on the heat with your makeup and skin shimmers, play with your eyes, smack your lips and scream with joy, no matter what time of the day it is.

So, here I enlist certain hot tips for perfect summer looks all day long:

1) Brown is Gorgeous:

The foundation that matched perfectly with your skin tone during winters may not look the same after you have had a couple of rounds out in the summer's sun. If you see your skin tone on your face becoming somewhat darker than your winter foundation, then it is time to switch to a foundation one or two shades darker than your regular foundation. Below are certain tips for that:

- Ensure that the foundation you select complements your undertones.

- Usually for light-skinned people, a soft golden shade will work beautifully.

- If your skin tone is medium brown, then go for the foundation with a red-yellow tone.

- If you have dark skin, then choose the foundation that has slightly blue cast.

- Humidity and hot weather often go together in summers, so your skin wouldn't need the same amount of moisture that it needed back in winters. Switch over to a light moisturizer to prevent any excess oil and unwanted breakouts.

- Stay away from using heavy foundation as it will certainly melt away. Instead, for a light coverage and a dewy finish, add a few drops of water or moisturizer to reduce the consistency of your liquid foundation and apply it well.

- A great tip to keep your makeup from fading in humid summer months, is to dust some loose powder over clean skin before applying foundation to get a long-lasting coverage.

2) Shimmers are in :

Summer season is ruled by bold, bright and sparkly colors. Here are some tips of using shimmer in an appropriate way to add up to the glamour in you, without looking Over-the top:

- Day time drama: You can go with sheer yet shimmery eyeshadows and lip colors in bronze, gold and rose. These shades are hot this season and can be carried out by office goers too.

- Night look: You can choose the metallic shadows that range from silver and gold to midnight black for eyes. For lips you can choose the lipsticks that are glittery red or frosty fuchsia. Top them up with super wet gloss and there you become a true night time diva.

For both day and night looks, you can finish your look with a touch of bronzing powder across your cheeks. If you are amongst those who want to look naturally beautiful, then go for body shimmer lotions as such lotions on your bare skin will give you a perfect sun kissed Goddess look. Don't forget to apply proper eyeshadow primer and powder over lids to soak up additional oil before putting on eyeshadow.This sets the eyeshadows in place and prevents creasing.

3) Protect yourself:

This has to be the number one tip here, but somehow glamour took over me and I brought this point to third. Nevertheless, it is important that I mentioned it here and I can never be tired of stressing on the fact that sun protection is MUST, no matter what season you are in. And when it comes to summers, it becomes even more crucial. Whether you participate in outdoor activities or just soak up the sun in summer time, be careful to take proper precautions

Usually, all brown skinned beauties are blessed with more natural sun protection than those with fair skin, but dermatologists say - regardless of your skin tone, you still need shielding from the damage of ultra violet rays of the sun. Apply on your skin, including your face, a good amount of broad spectrum sunscreen and choose the moisturizer, foundation and lip colors that have built in sun protection(SPF 15 or higher).  

The last thing that you want to do is to let the sunshine do any harm to your skin or age it prematurely. Take care of lips, necks and hands as well in your sunscreen application along with the other exposed areas. When you hit the street or simply have fun on a beach in the blazing sun, you can sport a cool wide brimmed hat and awesome shades. They look tres chic and protect your face from harsh radiations.

4) Tame that mane:

No matter what century we belong to - Unibrows are not and will never be in. So, keep these babies plucked, tweezed, shaved and well groomed. I am not asking you to sport ultra-arched brows, but at lease you can put little efforts to keep them shaped and groomed by removing any stray hairs.

If you are amongst the beauties who want to dare try a different look this summer, then you can give your eyes added warmth by making your brows one shade lighter than their natural color. You can use any good facial hair bleach for this, but if you want to make the change only for a special occasion then try tinted brow gel. It takes care of all unruly hairs and is easy to wash off too. Make sure to apply an eye pencil that matches your new color.

5) Conceal to reveal:

A perfect summer sun kissed glow is possible only if you have a perfect even-toned face, so don't allow the sleepless nights and your raccoon eyes to spoil the fun. Take well care of them by investing in a good concealer. Also take proper care of your dark spots and other blemishes. A good concealer can hide all the boo-boos of your skin and can really brighten up your face. Opt for a concealer same shade or one shade lighter than your foundation and apply it on your problem areas before putting on a foundation.

Looking your best is a goal that can be achieved all year round no matter what season you are in. All you have to do is twist and change your beauty routine to work for that particular season. I hope the basic beauty tips I mentioned above will help you to adjust yourself to the dog days of this summer season.


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