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Google Switch: iPhone killer?

Updated on March 31, 2011


Google Switch - it looks so real - but only Google knows for sure. Some pictures speak a thousand words; this one (to the right) is speechless. People in the know do not know - blog sites are full of posts lamenting the possibilities - doubters all.

Do you even know of what I speak? I admit that I had never heard of the Google Switch until I started researching cell phones that claim to be iPhone killers.

What gives the impression that the Google Switch is a myth? Could it be the lack of onboard storage? Who wants to trust that cell connectivity will always work perfectly? No music, no contact list, no email - nothing. "Maybe you could use it as a flashlight" which is what one blogger suggested. Ouch! Then there is that blurry picture that spread across the internet like wildfire. Does Photoshop come to your mind? It does for many people out there that have scrutinized it closely. As another blogger alluded to - you would think that anyone that knowledgeable about the Google Switch would have a better camera to take its picture.

Photo from Engadget
Photo from Engadget

What makes the Google Switch seem less of a myth? First of all, Google has proven over and over that they are capable of extraordinary technology. Same goes for Samsung and it is rumored as well that this is a team effort (not the first time). What is not to love?

Assuming that it is real - what is the Google Switch's appeal? What would make the Google Switch an iPhone killer? The touchscreen is similar to the one on the iPhone so that would not do it. The Google Switch is said to be 3G unlike the iPhone's 2.5G. It would need to be 3G with HSDPA to make up for having all applications on the network and not on the device itself. Call me suspicious, but, would this be an opportunity to charge more for the menu of attached applications? Then on the other hand that may provide a better opportunity to have a wider variety of applications - something that the iPhone lacks. So, that would probably be a wash for most people. The iPhone has Google Maps but no built in GPS. The Google Switch is reported to have GPS built in. This seems a little ironic to me.

I have not found any late breaking news on the Google Switch. However, I will keep my eyes open to any new happenings and will report it to you immediately!






Google Switch no Google Maps-iPhone Google Maps-Go Figure


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    • profile image

      Kayla Smith 8 years ago

      I remember reading about the Google Switch back in 2006. I'm pretty sure the images that were circulated on the web were fakes and the only thing we can expect from T-Mobile is the G1.

    • profile image

      Mobile Phone Gal 9 years ago

      Very interesting this is the first I have heard of this

    • Mark Rollins profile image

      Mark Rollins 10 years ago

      Been hearing a lot about this Google Switch, but I couldn't find a berth of information worth reporting about. Thanks for assembling.