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Tattoos Honoring Mom

Updated on July 10, 2014

Tattoos for Moms

Most people getting a tattoo tend to take some risks and push the envelope, but there are some things that just don't lend themselves to that, and in the case of tattoos for mom, most people are very traditional.

The majority of tattoos commemorating moms included the things moms love to receive: roses and hearts.

Many people also put the actual image of their mothers on their bodies, but I won't be including those in some of the photo examples as that is highly personal and, other than generating some ideas, not reproducible by others.

As for color, tattoos for mom also largely keep with the traditional red that so many moms love, and which hearts and roses look great with.

Even so, I did include a couple that are definitely out of the mainstream of tattoos celebrating moms.

Again, there are exceptions, but that is by far the choice of the majority of those seeking to honor their moms with a tattoo.

Traditional Mom Tattoo

This first tattoo represents what most people do when getting inked for mom. There is the combination of the word mom and a red rose, and it easily could have included a heart.

Combination Mom, Heart, Flower Tattoo

Below is an image of all that we think of when appreciating our moms and showing it. The colors work nice here, and I like that yellow, red combination on the rose.

Mom, Anchor Tattoo

This is a great tattoo of mom against the backdrop of an anchor. It could be a tattoo of someone in the Navy, or it could reference their mom being an anchor throughout their lives. Either way, it's a compelling tattoo.

Mom, Anchor Tattoo

Mom Tattoo with Phone

I can only assume the phone in the background is a reference to our moms always reminding us to call them. The old-time version of the phone, and the mouthpiece on top really looks great to me. Fun tattoo.

Mom, Cupcake Tattoo

This is a different tattoo, and the inclusion of the cupcake is probably a reminder of all those delightful goodies mom made when the person was a child. Brings backs fond memories for sure.

Mom, Skull Tattoo

This is one of those rare exceptions to a typical tattoo honoring mom, and is somewhat strange to me.

The actual tattoo is high quality, but it's hard to picture why anyone would include a skull with a rose when thinking of their mom, even if she has passed away. To each his own I guess.

Mom with Wings Tattoo

This is one of my favorites among the mom tattoos. It's fantastic to see the word mom stretched out into the wings and appearing to be flying toward heaven. The 3-D feel adds a nice touch to the image.

Mom, Heart, Wings Tattoo

Here's another variation of mom and a heart. The hale appears to signify she was considered an angel, and of course the wings imply she has also passed on to heaven. I thought the blue rectangular background was an interesting touch to the image.

Very few things are more close to the heart than a mother. Many people choose to honor that love by inking a tribute to mom on their bodies. As you can see from most of the tattoo images shown here, there is a deep desire to retain the respect most people have for those who gave birth to them.


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    • profile image

      Mendi 3 years ago

      About the skull with a rose tattoo, my aunt absolutely loves that sort of dark beauty. If her daughter--my cousin-- ever got a tattoo in honor of her mother, it would probably be something similar. I'm a little bothered that you've made so many assumptions in this article. It sort of comes off as rather uneducated.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Some ppl's moms don't like tattoos.

      But, then, if their son or daughter gets a mom tattoo in their honor, I guess some moms might find it quite touching, whatever they might think in theory.