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Magnificent Mermaid Tattoos

Updated on July 8, 2014

Pirates and Mermaid Glitter Tattoo Stencil Set

A mermaid tattoo theme is a wonderful option for those looking to get inked. The beautiful lines associated with the mermaid figure, along with the myths surrounding the sirens of sound.

Mermaids were originally identified as Sirens in earlier Greek mythology, but later were associated with the sea and were called mermaids.

There are a large variety of stories connected to the mythology of mermaids, that it's almost impossible to connect the dots with them, as myriad cultures had different takes on the mermaid mythology, and had their own interpretations of it.

Either way, the mermaid has captured the imaginations of people through the centuries, and today is considered a great option for a tattoos design, as there are a lot of things you can do with this fascinating creature, which still attracts a lot of interest, and is a fantastic art and tattoo theme to work with.

Mermaid Tattoos

As mentioned, Mermaids are a compelling image because they offer up so many ways to create a piece of art with them. This first Mermaid tattoo has a beautiful flow to it, including the long hair, fins on arms, and of course the wonderful fishtail.

Flowing Mermaid Tattoo

Even though all Mermaids have the same basic body structure, as you can see from the image below, it can be interpreted in very different ways, as this one, with the hair and more traditional look of the tail, is completely different than the one above. The fish add a nice touch to the overall feel of the scene as well.

Mermaid with Fish Swimming Around Her

Here is another example of taking the Mermaid them and turning it on its head in a creative manner. The completely black Mermaid (other than the tail) is very cool. The little spots of lighter color interspersed among the dark color works very well.

Black Mermaid Tattoo

The long-term association between Mermaids and ships is part of the myth and lore of the Mermaid, and that is represented nicely with this particular Mermaid tattoo scene.

Mermaid with Child, Anchor Tattoo

This swimming Mermaid tattoo is a replica of the design of the first one revealed above, with the exception of different color. The darker hair and different color on the tail show how even the same design can look different, depending on what the recipient wants.

Swimming Mermaid Tattoo

In the tattoo image below it appears we have a Mermaid modeling for the artist. It's the same look, as far as the hands around the head goes, you would see in a fashion photo shoot. The seahorses over the breasts of the Mermaid is cute. The tail definitely looks different, almost appearing to be to legs rather than the single entity. I'ts possible it's an illusion created for the effect of making the Mermaid appear like she's swimming.

Mermaid Model?

I really like the overall design of the Mermaid tattoo scene of her playing with a fish as a sea horse and octopus look on. Even though simple, as with other Mermaid tattoos, there is an enormous amount of detail associated with the subject matter, such as the scales of the tail.

Mermaid Underwater Tattoo Scene

As for the subject matter of this Mermaid tattoo, this is among my favorites. The three dolphins circling around her in a playful manner is a fantastic image. That unique white or silver hair on the Mermaid is also interesting and compelling.

Tattoo of Mermaid Playing with Dolphins

Mermaids as subject matter offer an incredible array of design choices and scenery options for those deciding on this as their choice of ink. They're amazingly beautiful and work in a variety of placements, based on the way they're imagined in the minds of those enamored with the mythical creatures.


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