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Best Anti-Aging Night Creams with Retinol 2016

Updated on February 1, 2016

Anti Wrinkle Night Creams

Use Retinol at Night To Fight Wrinkles

We all love to end the day with a good nights rest but most of us do not realize that sleep is a free beauty treatment. It is also a known fact that Sleep is probably the best time to fight the signs of aging. It makes sense that when our body is at rest, mother nature can take care of some things and she helps our skin restore itself. It is early in the nighttime sleep cycle, that we have a surge in growth hormone. This period of deep sleep, is what people call "beauty sleep". So why not take advantage of this time when fighting the signs of aging, and defend your skin with the best Night firming serums available. These anti wrinkle creams will take advantage of the slumber filled hours of darkness to work its magic – ensuring that you wake up with skin firmer and plumper than normal.Your skin rejuvenates itself during the nighttime hours while you sleep. So when searching for what will combat wrinkles it is important to have your skin cream formulated with the best and most powerful ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, melatonin and gaba. Read on for the best tried and true anti wrinkle creams available to help you have younger healthier skin.


Beauty Sleep to Help Rejuevenate Your Skin

Nighttime is the best time for us to slow down the the skin from aging. Sleep is the most powerful time for it to restore itself and reverse some of the skin damage done during the day. Sleeping is the essential secret to slowing the aging process, so it makes sense to choose the best ingredients and let them do their work while you are resting as it is natural for your skin to rejuvenate itself during the nighttime hours while you sleep.

Now the question is which is the best night anti wrinkle cream for your skin.

Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

RoC Retinol Correxion
RoC Retinol Correxion
LiftActiv Retinol HA Night Total Wrinkle Plumping Care
LiftActiv Retinol HA Night Total Wrinkle Plumping Care

1- Retinol

This ingridient in and of itself is sensitive to sunlight, which is why it makes for a perfect night creme. Retinol works on a molecular level in terms of repair and regeneration. It makes for a powerful anti wrinkle cream as it reduces lines and evens skin tone.

Why Use Retinol:

  • Works while you sleep
  • Increases cell renewal
  • Replenishes moisture

Retinol Tip:

Since retinol may potentially cause severe dryness it is best to apply it every other night for the first few weeks.

RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

This Hypoallergenic wrinkle creme is oil free therefore it wont clog your pores but at first you may feel some tingling sensation and even some reddness. Roc Retinal is Dermatologist Tested so you can trust that this skin treatment is worth the time and the money. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream is an intensive anti wrinkle treatment that every woman should incorporate before they begin their night skin regiment as we all know that beauty sleep is no myth.

Vichy Night Creme

Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid

This complete anti aging wrinkle and firming night cream is one beauty treatment that will have you saying goodnight to skin concerns and awaken to an ultra-fresh face by morning.. Tested on sensitive skin under Dermatological control. Non-comedogenic. This night time retinol creme is the total package as a wrinkle plumping procedure care with a tri-dose of hyaluronic acid + retinol A complex. LiftActiv from Vichy is a great choice at an incredibly affordable price for a cream that does so much.

Derma e Hyaluronic Acid Night Crème

with Vitamin C
with Vitamin C

Derma e

Hyaluronic Acid for Night

An intensive, nourishing and hydrating creme combines Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin A, Ester-C®, Allantoin and Panthenol, that drenches your skin in moisture, especially formulated for night use which as we have pointed out is the best time to nourish and pamper your skin to fight the signs of aging.

Enriched with Vitamin A, C and E, Allantion and Panthanol, this hydrating creme replenishes and bolsters the skins moisture barrier throughout the night.

2- Hyaluronic Acid

Is a naturally occurring substance in the body that binds water in the connective tissue. It helps to improves collagen production for increased strength and elasticity for firmer-looking skin.Most moisturizers with HA sit on the skin attracting moisture so it is important to find a night cream that will actually penetrate the skin. As we sleep our moisture levels drop and can leave skin feeling very dry when we wake. Therefore incorporating hyaluronic acid will help sustain skins hydration. Some cosmetics make your face looks better by making the skin more moist. Sleep is a natural moisturizer - perspiration during sleep is a natural skin treatment.

Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid

Derma E
Derma E


Firming Serum 10 of 23 ad group ideas      Firming Serum 10 of 23 ad group ideas     Fiming Serum
Firming Serum 10 of 23 ad group ideas Firming Serum 10 of 23 ad group ideas Fiming Serum
Ultra Rejuvenight with Melatonin
Ultra Rejuvenight with Melatonin | Source

Ultra Rejuvenight

Sleep Away Your Wrinkles

A Masters Degree from the New York Medical College under his belt and many years of research Rejuvenex® Skin Care was born. Dedicating most of her life to stopping the process of aging with her products she has pretty much revolutionized using melatonin in the beauty field.

Knowing and understanding the benefits of women taking the extra time before night time Pro Fusco has created a special firming serum that compliments your night of beauty sleep. When using this ultra amazing anti aging fighter, Ultra RejuveNight Cream will make your skin smoother. It contains nutrients that can and will revitalize skin tone. Within no time you will see the enhanced appearance of skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles will be a thing of the past.


There have been numerous studies that show indications that melatonin which is a growth hormone, does more than just stimulate growth and cell reproduction, as it also refreshes the cells during the night when we are sleeping.The anti aging properties of Melatonin is a no brainer as the production of this essential hormone t naturally drops off as you get older. By using a creme with melatonin, it is widely believed that your cells get bathed in it and can be reprogrammed to act like younger cells. Melatonin is known as the "hormone of darkness" because it is secreted in darkness in both day-active and night-active animals.

Murad Beauty Sleep Serum

    * Improves collagen production     * Promotes cell turnover
* Improves collagen production * Promotes cell turnover


Howard Murad, the doctor behind the fabulous skin care product line once said that

"Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Healthy skin is beautiful."

And I can tell you that incorporating any skin cream from Murad is well spent money that you will come back begging for more! Since 1989 Murad has been setting the gold standard in the world of skincare. A product line made in the USA that is is tested on people not animals by clinical dermatologists.

Murad Sleep Reform Serum

Topical Melatonin promotes skin's "sleep cycle", to maximize ability to repair and regenerate itself and with Murads' Sleep Reform Serum you are sure to see all the best anti wrinkle ingredients working together to give your skin that younger, refreshed beautiful skin you want and deserve.
Repair Enhancing Matrix™ (REM) improves collagen production potential by 62% while encouraging relaxation to soften the appearance of facial expression line.

Murad is based in The Science of Cellular Water™ - the world's most comprehensive approach to understanding health and aging. So is it any wonder that this anti aging serum is just what the doctor ordered!

Anti Aging Srum with Melatonin by Murad

Additional features and ingredients:

  • Oligopeptide -1 encourages plump, firm texture and increases proliferation of cells
  • Murad Anti Aging Serum is an Antioxidant blend that will reduce free-radical damage

Freeze 24

Anti Aging Skin Care with Gaba is the Natural alternative to Botox
Anti Aging Skin Care with Gaba is the Natural alternative to Botox | Source

Freeze 24/7 Anti-Wrinkle Cream

As GABA is the body's natural muscle relaxing agent it is no wonder that many independent clinical studies have shown that in tests 100% of the participants measured a 50%-90% reduction of the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within 10 minutes from just a single application of Freeze 24/7 Anti-Wrinkle Cream.
Freeze 24-7® Anti Wrinkle Cream is a daily pre-moisturizer treatment that dramatically diminishes the appearance aging. Freeze 24 also works on stretch marks anywhere on your body and all within minutes of application. Freeze 24-7 with gaba is sure to keep you looking younger and more beautiful all day long.

4 - Gaba

Gamma Amino Butyric Acid otherwise known as GABA works temporarily control muscle contraction which miraculously minimizes those nasty finelines and wrinkles. Gaba acts as a natural botox when smoothed over the skin. It helps to relax distress so that the skin looks smoother. GABA anti wrinkle cream treatments will last up to ten hours. When applied, it instantly fills lines and creases to reduce their appearance. It increases collagen production and fights irritation. At the same time it goes deep into the layers of the skin to relax the wrinkle nerves. These wrinkle nerves are what make your face feel tense when under stress; hence, you will develop crow’s feet, brow furrows and deep facial wrinkles.

Freeze 24/7 Anti-Wrinkle Cream.GABA is the body's natural muscle relaxing agent. In independent clinical studies, 100% of the participants measured a 50%-90% reduction of the visible appearance of fine lines and wrinkles within 10 minutes of a single application of Freeze 24/7 Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

Sleep Your Way to Beautiful Skin
Sleep Your Way to Beautiful Skin


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    • profile image

      Laurine Sulley 

      7 years ago

      These Products seem to be best anti-aging night creams.Really informative .Thanks for sharing :)


    • wavegirl22 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from New York, NY

      I love that Mark Twain quote - but it is the wrinkles above the brow that worry me ! as always great to see my favorite drbj :)

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      7 years ago from south Florida

      These are fantastic anti-aging products, Shari. Thanks for sharing this inormation. Here is my favorite 'wrinkles' quote: "Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been." - Mark Twain


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