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The Fashion Industry Should Take Models From All Sizes!

Updated on February 7, 2015 | Source

The Fashion Industry

Years back, many newspapers used to show ads concerning women to help them gain some little weight because being too skinny was probably not preferred by most people but nowadays all what advertisers are mostly promoting is products to help women lose weight and along with that they show you pictures of too skinny girls with perfect and sculpted body structures and shapes, this is what's making most women get concerned about their look to become super perfect just like the girls shown in magazines and other places related, we should keep in mind that most magazines nowadays not only use perfect models for their ads but they use Photoshop as well to make them look even more perfect.

This has negatively affected most people in many ways including their wrong definition for a perfect body!

Do You Really Need That?

Do you really need to lose that whole weight so you can become satisfied with how you look? I think not! Each and every person should be satisfied with how they look, yes some little arrangements and changes would totally be nice and good but you are really not obligated into getting them.

You should be satisfied with your look without any additives or modifications, in the end beauty fades away and what would be kept is your beautiful soul and your thoughts.

However, if your weight is affecting your health but not the way of how you see yourself and your look then this is a good reason to start losing weight for, because your health simply matters.

You should consider checking out this article below, it talks about what foods should be eaten according to your blood type,what to avoid, what will help you lose fat and what will promote the gain of fat. Check it out! | Source

Why Should The Fashion Industry Take In All Sizes?

Why Should The Fashion Industry Take In All Sizes? This is the question now, well the answer is very obvious. The purpose of this whole fashion thing is to promote their clothes and advertise them so that people can buy them but do they really think that when let's say a chubby woman sees a beautiful and perfect model modeling a specific piece would think about buying this piece just because it looked perfect on the model? I don't think so! People want to see the clothes on bodies that can match their bodies as well because in the end not all designs work for all people and most of the population include average to chubby women and men but not most of them are super skinny and sculpted like models.

Fashion designers are seriously doing it wrong!

The Fashion Industry Should Take In All Heights

Why stick to only one height range ( between 5'6 and 6'3) when the majority of specifically women won't be having a height as such? Why would it really matter for fashion shows to include those super tall models when it can also enroll the average women? Would their height really affect how the clothes and the designs would be shown and looking like? I don't think so! Why not make this chance of modeling on podiums available to most heights?

Remember that without customers getting satisfied about your products and things you would have no business at all and don't just think about it as a business plan, think about it because that's how things should be working and try to know the value of things before making your major priorities upon prices and business, make a value of your customers by showing them that you care about getting them what they expect to get and what would suit their needs and their bodies.

Beauty Pageants: What About Them?

What about beauty pageants? Why should miss world or miss X country be having that body which totally shows she's starving + her super height? Hello! There are many other short and chubby girls who can beat the models that you pick with their beauties! Give other girls their rights in getting involved and enrolled in such programs! Why should you limit that to only those skinny tall girls?

If you're a freelance model or if you would like to go into this as such

If you're a freelance model or if you would like to go into this as such then I would recommend you check out this article below about how to become a successful model with easy steps that you need to follow. | Source

In My Personal View

I really think that the fashion industry and fashion designers should think again about how to promote their work by using all sizes and heights thus attracting more people into participating and buying, can you imagine that happening?

My middle sister has a very beautiful sexy chubby body, unfortunately she used to watch a lot of these fashion shows and get desperate and depressed for not having her body as those perfect models bodies and no matter how much I used to advise her and tell her that she's beautiful and her body simply needs nothing she didn't listen because she really got affected by these fashion models, I find that sad because many studies show that men as well love women with chubby bodies, you know that hourglass body?!

What makes a body or a face perfect? Things just differ according to how everyone views them, if someone tells you that you're ugly or not that beautiful or whatever related, just reply by telling them that this is your opinion and your opinion is simply not a fact [point]!!

Moreover, a lot of successful and beautiful celebrities who are considered to be in the list of sexiest women have chubby and hourglass like bodies, good examples would be Kim Kardashian and Marylin monroe.

And What about you? What do you think? Whether you're a woman or w man, do consider sharing your thoughts and speaking what's in your mind in this poll below.

For women:

Do consider checking out this article below that talks about make up, you don't really need it to look sexy! Check it out.

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Do you think that the fashion should take in models from all sizes and from most heights?

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    • RanaKm profile image

      RanaKm 3 years ago

      Yes, totally!

      Thanks for passing by btw :)

    • celebritie profile image

      celebritie 3 years ago

      I agree that there needs to be a change especially for young girls who are looking at models or tv personalities who are under-weight as the new normal.