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You Don't Need Make Up To Look Beautiful!

Updated on June 13, 2015 | Source

Make Up Nowadays

Make up has been always girls and women's tool to look and feel beautiful about themselves, it's very rare for us to see a single woman that hasn't used make up in her entire life even if she's one of these women who don't wear make up usually or barely and rarely wear it,even men are using it to hide certain blemishes and imperfections especially those who work on TV like news presenters,actors,singers etc..

And let's admit that make up has helped many people into feeling more positive,ready,confident and beautiful about themselves so this is why it can be helpful and beneficial. It is however, not permanent and the real beauty will never be changed permanently,well unless you undergo plastic surgeries.

Nowadays all and most of what society cares about is the outer appearance. It's important, not to lie about this matter but it's not also an important reason for people to start changing their natural looks and start undergoing plastic surgeries and or react with their use of make up to an unacceptable level, who are we to accept or decline a specific look though?

As long as no body's getting hurt,why not leave everyone live their lives the way they, yes we can advise but we should not make fun of someone because of their way of wearing makeup or doing any other thing related to their outer looks.

The real question has not been answered yet though, do you really need make up to look and feel beautiful?

What people say about you is a reflection of them and not you. | Source

Do You Need Make Up?

"To feel" is a term that is totally different from "to look".
To feel beautiful, ones can get that from the inner beauty that they have, this inner beauty reflects on the way they feel about themselves and how much confident they would be.

To look beautiful, one might be actually be looking good but their confidence about themselves would tell them something else or they might be just thinking they're missing some things or because of many other reasons.

Some people might have both, feeling and looking, these people believe they can look beautiful even without makeup because having confidence about the looks and the one's qualities and good behavior brings peace to the mind and make you spend less time trying to figure out what things you miss having and instead you start focusing on the things that you already have that others don't and wish they'd have so start appreciating what you have and don't put makeup as a priority in looking and feeling beautiful.

Miracles Of Make Up: Check Out How I Transformed Myself Into Kim Kardashian- or let's just say close to K.K

Beauty Starts From The Bottom And The Inside

Beauty starts from the inside, when you're beautiful from the inside your insider beauty will just reflect that to your outer-appearance and this inner beauty would give you peace and relaxation so why not start trying to be beautiful from the inside before trying and worrying about our outer appearances?

In the end, an infinite outer beauty is not guaranteed.

Some people though would get inner peace when they look beautiful from the outside and I don't mind this as long as it will give you peace to the mind and makes your soul happier because happiness in general is what we're all looking for in life. | Source


There's a female singer called Colbie Caillat who made a song especially for women.
The song talked about natural beauty and encouraged women to remove make up and photo shop from their faces because true beauty can be arisen from the inner soul and since make up is not a necessity for people to put and look beautiful.
In the video clip, Colbie started the song with full make up and photoshop was also used and while singing and trying to spread her message, she just took everything off then all the other girls and women in the video clip did the same thing.

I think it's such an inspiring song for women and girls and it does have a very beautiful and deep message.

Did you know?!

A lot of people would spend just hours and hours looking at themselves in the mirrors to try to figure out what flaws they have or just try to make themselves look better until they feel satisfied, but the truth is that they might actually never get satisfied because looking too much at yourself in the mirror can cause obsessions about every detail concerning your look, you will start getting obsessions that you might have never had before so take the advice and spend less times checking yourself in the mirror.

Obsessions can get you worries and stress, stress can promote the secretion of many hormones, one of them can speed up your aging.

Those people who spend less times checking themselves out in the mirror are actually known for their high confidence in their looks.

Remember, everyone is beautiful the way he/she is and being beautiful should not be necessarily because of makeup and actually sometimes makeup can make you look less attractive and would just not suit some people.

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